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Ah, Dave, Ash and Gez, I used to work with them many years ago, I had no idea this game even existed or I would've forced them to finish the job themselves
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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
This is a known issue. Problems are only in 50Hz (60Hz NTSC systems are fine). The emulation doesn't run at 100% speed, app. 85-95%. Rubi said in Forum 64 it's a problem with the Video/Audio threads not running properly. I for myself could fix it by using FastSID instead of reSID. Or use Micro64, works perfectly fine in 50Hz.
That's odd, I've got a fullscreen 50hz video mode 100% running fine on my monitor with reSID and the PC is only an i3. Have you tried one of the nightly builds?
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Yep, SVNs don't fix it yet. The video/audio rendering needs a major update. Rubi (WinVice maintainer) was working on it, no news since a few month though.
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