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Old 18 March 2007, 12:43   #21
Ya' like it Retr0?
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hmmm spare components.... I am unsure how i would consider them spare as i love all my amiga components equally....

so i have a NIU (not in use) policy

I have

4 x A1200 mobos ( 1 x NUI )
1 x A600 (project A600+)
2 x internal floppy drives ( NUI )
2 x external floppy drives (NUI)

1 x phillips 8833 monitor (NUI)
1 x commodore 1084s monitor (NUI)
2 x IDE buffered interfaces (NUI)
3 x CBM A1200 / 600 mouse (NUI)
2 x A500 psu blocks (NUI)
1 x CDTV keyboard (NUI)
1 x Prelude Soundcard (NUI)
1 x GG + (NUI)
3 x A1200 keyboards (NUI)

Since I have a large Workshop / Shed I can get away with blue murder insofar as trouble with the missues , however I have permission to have but only 4 in the house at any 1 time.... wich is good because i still need to build the other three!
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Old 18 March 2007, 13:14   #22
Mike UK
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Not really 1x A1200 and a A500+ (A500+ is mint and boxed)
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Old 18 March 2007, 13:48   #23
Graham Humphrey
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I have a few spare 1200s and a 500+, none of which function 100% correctly. I did however nick an internal disk drive from one 1200 to put it in the one I use a while back because it stopped writing to disks. You never know when they come in handy.
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Old 18 March 2007, 17:44   #24
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Originally Posted by keropi
@amigaz: omg, sunday work? bliah!
unfortunatelly the 030 cards are A3630 ones... they came as backup cards on my 2 A4000...
a portable A1200whd is cool, but I need a DCE internal sd/ff...

*Still at work*

Forgot to add that I have a BVisionPPC also in case I wanna run MorphOS PowerUP in the future and about 10 A500/A600/A1200 PSU and circa 20 Amiga mice
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Old 20 March 2007, 23:36   #25
Stuck in the 80s

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1 x a2000 (a2058 ram card/2091 hdd controller card with 2mb)
2 x a500
1 x a1000
1 x cd32
1 x philips cm8833 mk2
1x external fdd

After a 3000UX box now, ran out of space, will be sleeping with them next
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Old 21 March 2007, 17:53   #26
Registered User
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3 times the exact same config :A1200 PAL, 8Mb Fast ,OS3.0, 4Gb sandisk CF on internal IDE...and to ensure the consistency i back my files up on another 4Gb CF mounted on the PCMCIA port once a quarter...i think it`s safe enough!

one for me, one for the kids and one for spare!
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Old 21 March 2007, 21:08   #27
The Big White Cat
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Yes! A spare CD32 complete CD32 for me
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Old 21 March 2007, 23:21   #28
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most obviosly.... huge pile, accelerators gfx card..... I have a spare a4000(d) and a back up a3000(d)
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Old 22 March 2007, 00:32   #29
Doc Mindie
In deep Trouble
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[offtopic]One of you with several A1200 acc/pure mem cards.... wouldn't consider lending/selling one to me for around £10?[/offtopic]
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Old 23 March 2007, 18:42   #30
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When I got my PC my A1200 was shelved due to lack of space. Didn't have a great deal of equipment with it.

When I did get it out one day to play some games I found the internal floppy drive was dead - I presume it was dust build-up. I also had to remove the Blizzard expansion card as this proved to be faulty.

I couldn't find anywhere to get a spare internal drive so I ended up giving it all away to a second-hand shop. I do regret it.

I would have loved to have had the space to keep spare parts
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Old 23 March 2007, 21:20   #31
Zone Friend

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Mouse I also have another mobo.
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Old 26 March 2007, 03:17   #32
2nd era...
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I would if I had a real Amiga.
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Old 26 March 2007, 13:52   #33
Gets there in the end...

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My Genuine Amigas are shelved in a sort of museum in my other room. I have 2 A500s, 1 A600, 1 A1200 and a CD32! The A1200 and CD32 don't exactly work though!
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