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Originally posted by Drake1009

But 95/98 has a sort of compatibility mode (MS-DOS underneath) where you can try older stuff back from the good days of gaming. For FPS games sure 95/98 was good, but for good gameplay wise games there were a darn lot on DOS which windows refuse to run even on 98.
I have gotten XP to run DOS games about 70% of the time. I have not tried tons of them though. I have better things to do then to much DOS or Windows stuff. Mainly Amiga/Video Toaster and Linux development.
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Thanks, Pyro, for correcting my misinformation about software installs versus hardware upgrades. A lot of interesting stuff there. I knew about some of those 'features' of XP like the firewall and CD burner, but I had no idea they were trying to wipe out so many companies. I guess after they skirted by from their legal woes with the government, they feel they now have the world by the balls (and they may, at that!.) It's clear that they have found the right politicians in our government to pay off and to celebrate, they are delivering a clear message about just how much monopoly power they possess. (sigh)
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