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Old 29 December 2001, 15:05   #1

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The Party 2001 has ended!

Results from The Party 2001
Saturday December 29, 2001 13:34
These are the results from The Party 2001 - digitally remastered:

// here is the invitation intro by Farb-Rausch : fr013_unoff.zip

ASUS Flash Demo
  1. Whitebalance
  2. Well Guess
  3. Hemkunskap

C-64 Demo
  1. Decade 50%
  2. Lobotomia
  3. Incora

C-64 Graphics
  1. I took the blue pillI took the blue pill
  2. Lick my tit
  3. DNA negative

Demo competition
  1. Elements
  2. Jeg er et kvaj
  3. Medium

Flash Demo
  1. Alice in Winderland
  2. Delirium
  3. Ontogeny

Intro competition
  1. FR-014: Garbage collection
  2. Delphin dreams
  3. CloseGL

MP3 Music
  1. The ICQ Song
  2. Gamer-Lamer
  3. Enemay of the gates

Pixel Graphics
  1. Consequence
  2. Freedom
  3. Garden

Raytraced Graphics
  1. Chessboard
  2. Autum hill
  3. In the name of science

Tracker music
  1. XTC
  2. Aivokasvain
  3. Motion 2k1

WiLD Demo
  1. P.A.R.T.Y. - Partially Animated reality to you
  2. Recurecting History
  3. IS
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Old 31 December 2001, 03:20   #2

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Floppy disk

All the demos / intros / files from the party are now available for download.
Enjoy the releases of this great demoscene party !

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Old 01 January 2002, 17:50   #3
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TP is no longer a great scene party. It became a 100% commercial event and don't has much to do with the demoscene any longer (4000 visitors: ~200 sceners, ~3800 gamers, this is sh**). Read Sobecs' TP review at http://www.slengpung.com/html/show_r...y+01&file=4676

Look at the releases this year. 99,9% of them aren't worth watching, listening, viewing... Only 2 good demos, one "ok" 64k. The rest was crap. And there was NO Amiga production! I don't want to say anything about the music compos...

With every year, less entries are submitted and most is of horrible quality. Not many real sceners are travelling to TP any longer. I'm really disappointed. Where are the days where minblasting productions like Nexus 7 have been released at this event, where many big names in the scene contributed...

TP is dead... Visit and contribute to ASM, Mekka&Symposium or smaller events, where you can still feel the spirit of the scene.
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Old 01 January 2002, 22:20   #4

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Hum... you may be right,
but admit that it was one monster party in the past, and those kind of monster don't want to die easilly

whatever, I prefer going to local French party like VIP or LTP
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Old 02 January 2002, 01:41   #5

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Lol !

I have just watched the demo: Jeg er et kvaj ...
How did they manage to win the second place ?! :eek
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Old 02 January 2002, 07:48   #6
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I have no idea how they managed to win second place. Either it's because the general quality of demos were dropping (Which I heard somewhere else people b*tching about) or it's because of the MP3 which might've had a translation there so people understood it.
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Old 02 January 2002, 12:36   #7

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You know, vote in party depends a lot of the ambiance / humour that your demo has produce in the main room (with projector).

Those kind of demo, with no 'special effect' are only based on fun, and it could work sometimes it only depends of the effect you will produce on the sceners.
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