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Question WinUAE-Should there be seperate Win9x. & Win 2000/XP versions?

Having seen some WinUAE postings again regarding Rainbow Islands,& the differing performance issues of WINUAE, I just thought it was time a general question should be raised.

Since the release of WinUAE 08.8r8, each successive release of WinUAE onto the Win9x. platforms has seen an increase in stability issues with crashes & performance related issues regarding sound.

Time & again, people with Win2k,have reported a dramatic improvement in performance with WinUae after they changed from Win98 to Win 2000.

Given all these repeated "bugs" that seem to regularly crop up on Win9x. compared to Win2K, it seems as if development of WinUAE recently has focused on that O/S platform.

I don't wish this to sound a harsh criticism of the Win Uae coders, but is it possibly time that WinUAE might have to be split again with seperate version for Win95/98/SE/ME users & another for Win 2k/XP users??

I'm not a programmer, so I don't know the differences between the two systems to program them, but maybe if there's someone (or people), willing to concentrate on producing WinUAE versions that'll be as stable & well performing as something like
Win UAE08.8r8 is on Win9x machines??

I'm not denying that trying to emulate the Amiga onto our modern-day PC's isn't easy, but there's several other emulation programs eg:Mame that function perfectly well in continual updates on Win 98 type systems....
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I've never programmed in the windows environment myself , but at a gues the API's for win98 and win2k are very similar , at least on the library level what the library does after receiving say a sound routine call on those os'es is a different story.BUT win2k is a whole different beast underneath the 'engine' that makes it much more stable with programs running on it as well as programs running for it. Memory management & process management are different than win win98. So I dont think the Winuae e guys can actually do much with it ,like your suggesting spliting the code. If the Direct X api is set in stone for all windows platforms it should do what the programmer expects it to do and leave all the other stuff (i.e screen rez) to the display drivers et al.

dunno maybe all the above is bull...:0
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9x is dead so why bother?
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