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Any chance on getting a modified WinUAE?

I'm thinking of a future where the Clone-A will be available for the IBM and others, and would love to have a modified WinUAE that could "bang" the new hardware. Would this increase the speed of emulation? I would think that a lot of cpu time is being used to recreate the custom chips.

Strictly speaking, how fast could an emulated 680x0 run if everything else was in the FPGA?

All props to Toni Wilen for such a wonderful program.
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Not gonna happen.

How is the 680x0 emulator going to talk to the FPGA? PCI to 680x0 bridge? Difficult and time consuming development that I doubt the authors are intending to do.

How will the un-emulated features that WinUAE lacks (such as internal buses) work when interfacing between the two?

I still think that the release of MiniMig & Clone-A is a long way off. They represent a LARGE amount of effort and I cannot see their respective authors giving them away for free just yet.

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Clone-A w/ WinUAE

I would be more than willing to pay the price requested for just that type of product. If I'm not mistaken, WinUAE relies on low-level support from the underlying OS, such as TCP/IP, etc... If the Clone-A had a driver, Toni could do an include and have the "real" harware at his disposal.

Of course there will be some parts that will have to stay emulated, such as the CPU, etc. Just think that there would be some kind of increase in speed by having the FPGA work as a coprocessor.
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Toni Wilen
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I agree with alexh. There is no way this can work without huge compromises...

- Synchronization would be nearly impossible. You can't stop or slow down custom chips without side-effects (or lost data)

- How to get sound and video back to host? What about all kinds of random i/o-signals needed? It won't be trivial.

- There is no need for fast CPU and custom chip emulation. Emulated gfx card modes don't use or need custom chips and most games that need custom chip modes won't work with "too fast" cpu or bus..

Things that are easy in software can be extremely difficult in hardware and vice versa..
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