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Old 24 November 2004, 14:44   #81
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I finished a couple of games, but only one can be counted as the greatest of all time - Gravity Force by Stephan Wenzler of Kingsoft. (The original, nitwits, not the drab clones! )

Hm, wait, Datastorm (by Sodan, the Dane!) is also an excellent game that I finished.
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Old 11 January 2005, 01:57   #82
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... but you forgot to finish the BEST game EVER...

... named: "GRAVITY FORCE" from Kingsoft...
I finished it in many hours...
I remain INVINCIBLE at this game... if anyone dares competing me... ?

I'm his man !!!


PS: I also feel unbeatable at Super Skidmarks :-)
... which is the same gameplay as Gravity Force but you can touch walls without exploding... quite easier than Gravity Force :-)
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Old 11 January 2005, 08:08   #83
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Just one I'm afraid! I am not a gamer really, tend to use the 'Mig for other stuff, rarely play games, and my reactions are crap, but I got caught up by the buzz of Monkey Island when it came out, so bought it and played that through to completion, that was in the days before I had a hard drive, so loads of mad disk swaps at the end to keep the action going! LOL!
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Old 11 January 2005, 08:44   #84
Lesser Talent
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I got to the last boss on Gunbee F99 last night, the boss isn't hard at all I was just a complete spastic.
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Old 16 May 2006, 10:56   #85
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Hum old thread by I guess there is not expiry date on this one =)

I finished without cheating:

Another world (2-3 hours)
Flashback (I think about 3 or 4 days, I don't remember well)
Monkey Island (a LOT of time)
Shadow of the Beast II (a few weeks, I had to have the complete game in my min before I could finish it)
Shadow of the Beast III (1 day... pretty easy compared to the 2 other)
Traps 'n' Treasures (a few days)
SWIV (2 or 3 hours)
Eye of the beholder (a few days)
Universe (4 or 5 hours, easy but great adventure game)
Elfmania (a few months... too hard!)
Lionheart (normal mode only, I never finished the hard mode, prolly a couple hours)
Loom (prolly a couple hours, it wasn't very hard, but really fantastic)
Superfrog (don't remember)

A lot of other action and shoot'em upgames (R-Type II, Carcharodon, Yo joe, Bart vs Space Mutants, Robocop, etc, etc).

Some games I was near but couldn't finish without cheating:

Shadow of the Beast I
Project X

Some games I never finished on Amiga because ports were too lame but I finished on other systems:

Monkey Island 2 (lot of time, it's an hudge adventure!)
Street Fighter II in all flavour (finished these ones a hundred times with all caracters)
Mortal Kombat I & II (see SFII)
Beneath A Steel Sky (I don't remember)
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Old 16 May 2006, 11:46   #86
Angry Kid Fan
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Dune II
Gunship 2000
Battle Squadron
Troddlers (one player and two player)
Golden Axe
Another World
Eye of the Beholder I and II

I reckon the most satisfying was UFO, that game needs time to finish. I was the king of Blaster Bombs
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Old 16 May 2006, 12:29   #87
Total Eclipse
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Hmmm, gotta think about this one.

Without cheating...

Dune 1
Monkey Island 1
Simon the Sorceror
Xenon 2

I came so close to nailing Bubble Bobble on several occasions, but never quite got there.
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Old 16 May 2006, 12:43   #88
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Without cheating?... oh lord... TONS....

especially alot more now when doing longplays.
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Old 16 May 2006, 13:07   #89
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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
Without cheating?... oh lord... TONS....

especially alot more now when doing longplays.
Yeah i'll go with that one too. I finished so damn many because i played so damn many that i cant list them all.

I rarely used cheats every though, because i couldnt see the point of playing a game if your just going watch it. No challenge. The only games i used cheats for were Shadow Of The Beast & Project-X. Im sure there were others, but this would have been after at least a year of trying!..
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Old 16 May 2006, 17:47   #90
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The game I'm most proudest of finishing is It Came From The Desert. Only ever finished it once, I managed to find the hole the ants came out of and destroy the queen. It Came From The Desert 2 always seemed too hard for me. Other games I've finished

Turrican 1 & 2 (3 was awful)
Syndicate (Never managed to get the extra mission disc)

Theirs loads more I've finished but can't remember them all.
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Old 17 May 2006, 09:23   #91
Going nowhere

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Completed some on Amiga, completed lots on PS2
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Old 17 May 2006, 15:51   #92
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Send a message via ICQ to Adderly
(also Albion on PC)
Dune 1
Dune 2 (PC version has better gfx)
Another World
Barbarian from Palace
Ports of Call
Railroad Tycoon
Bloodwych + Addon
Dungeon Master
Elvira - Mistress Of The Dark from Accolade
Eye of the Beholder
Hero's Quest -So You Want to Be a Hero
Penthouse Hot Numbers
Pool of Radiance
RVF HONDA (best time on every course)
STRIP POKER 2 & 3 & all addons
The Bard's Tale 3
UFO - Enemy Unknown

Tried hard but i never could finish it:

+ lots of games finished with trainer
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Old 18 May 2006, 20:44   #93
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only just got into the amiga emulation thing, so not completed any amiga games for a long time. but from my memory;

remember playing 'wrath of the demon' for the whole weekend wiith my big brother which we completed from start to finish. i borrowed the game from a friend, don't think i played it again after this. that was real fun and a real sense of 'team work' but my big bro will say he did all the work.

monkey island 1. played this for some months/years, but never got to the end. after a sleep over at my friends house, we decided to ultimately try to put it to rest. we managed to get to monkey island for the first time. then i took the save game disk home and completed it myself the next day.
another world took a few months i think.
flashback i think took a good few months also
giana sisters i nearly did but mine always crashed at about level 26.
shadow of the best 2 on the other hand was only ever possible with the cheat.

loads more probably but it was about 10 years ago
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Old 18 May 2006, 21:30   #94
Cat freak
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Completed many times:

Gods (it's too easy when you know all the secret passages)
The Chaos Engine (not with the Preacher or gentleman)
Rodland (2 player mode)
Warzone (1 & 2 players)
Supercars II (1 & 2 player mode)
Pang (1 & 2 player mode)
Body Blows Galactic (not with all characters, some are really lame, like the ice blowing guy)

Failed to complete even after tried many times:

Z-Out (even with the cheats, levels 5 & 6 are impossible)
Magic Pockets (last level is too hard if you start with the wrong number of points, all level 4 is very hard)
Speedball II (got stuck in division 1)

Last edited by jotd; 18 May 2006 at 21:39.
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Old 20 May 2006, 11:24   #95
Going nowhere

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I dunno Jeff, completing Warzone is a pretty good achievement. I thought it was so hard I sent it back to Core and they replaced it with Wolfchild!!!!
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Old 21 May 2006, 10:11   #96
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Thats my Amiga finish list. But there are only a few games which I have finished witout cheats or walkthrough. It's time consuming to train all the games and I am quite convinced, there are a lot games which you have to train your whole life.

Acsys (Demo)
Another World
Arabian Nights
Bargon Attack
Batman - Returns
Batman - The Caped Crusader
Batman - The Movie
Bez Kompromisu
BiFi Snackzone
Brian the Lion
Bubba 'n' Stix
Cedric and the lost Sceptre
Chaos Engine
Chuck Rock
Chuck Rock 2
Code Name Hell Squad
Curse of Enchantia
Dizzy - Fantasy World
Dizzy - Magicland
Dizzy - Treasure Island
Double Dragon 3
Dracula (Bram Stockers)
Dragon Breed
Dragon Ninja
Dragons Lair
Dragons Lair 2
Dragons Lair 3
Elvira - Mistress of Dark
Final Fight
Fire & Ice
Gate 2 Freedom
Ghost Battle
Gobliins 2
Goblins 3
Guy Spy
Heart of China
Heimdall 2
Indy Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Indy Jones and the Last Crusade (Adv)
Jim Power
Lure of the Temptress
Maniac Manson
Midnight Resistance
Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2
Myth - History in the Making
Nathan Never
Nippon Safes Inc.
Pulsator (Demo)
Rage (CAD) V1 + V2
Rick Dangerous
Risky Woods
R-Type 2
Rubbicon (Ami + C64)
Running Man
Saint Dragon
Scooby & Scrappy Doo
Shadow Fighter
Shadow of the Beast
Shadow of the Beast 2
Shadow of the Beast 3
Simon the Sorcerer
Sixth Sense Investigations
Skull and Crossbones
Space Ace
Space Ace 2
Switchblade 2
Sword of Sodan
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Arcade)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (NES)
The Last Ninja (Ninja Remix)
The Last Ninja 2
The Last Ninja 3
The Legend of Kyrandia
Time Runners (1-10)
Titus the Fox
Turrican 2
Turrican 3 (Ami + C64)
Under Pressure
Venom Wing
Wasted Dreams
Wrath Of The Demon
Yogi's Great Escape
Zak Mc Kracken

playing next: Black Crypt, Crystal Dragon
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Old 14 June 2006, 07:25   #97
Posts: n/a
Chaos Strikes Back finished in 10 minutes and 37 seconds (seriously!)
Dungeon Master 40 minutes
Oh No More Lemmings
Lemmings 2: The Tribes
EOB 1, 2
Turrican II
Cosmic Spacehead
Black Crypt
Dune II, Harkonnen, Artredies
Wonderboy In Monster Land

Probably some others i cant remember. Someone actually clocked SWIV without cheating? that game is impossible.

Almost did Bubble Bobble 2: Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble got up to the last level.
Old 14 June 2006, 11:28   #98
Amiga Games Historian
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Originally Posted by Tungboo
Chaos Strikes Back finished in 10 minutes and 37 seconds (seriously!)
Dungeon Master 40 minutes

WHAT??? dungeon master in 40mins??? i played through it, i LOVED this game, it was one of the greatest achivments of game programming of all time... but i maybe played about 40 days. or even more.

later many games copied dungeon master, like xenomorph, captive, crystal dragon, black crypt, abandoned places and of course the great eye of the beholder, but noone got me hooked as much as dungeon master. not even the add-on chaos strikes back.

even when i would have played dungeon master again, knowing all secrets/maps, it would have taken me a few days. i mean, without cheating, only killing the dragon takes 40mins. or catching lord chaos. noone can seriously play through this game in 40mins without cheating or at least exploiting some bugs/iregularities that you were not supposed to do...

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Old 14 June 2006, 12:16   #99
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The games i have solved without cheating... a lot.

I played through a large part of the commercial adventure releases on the Amiga, like all great games from Sierra, LucasArts (or Lucasfilm as it was then called), Delphine, or classics like Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Nippon Safes, Simon the Sorcerer, Dark Seed, Erben der Erde, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Innocent until Caught, Legend of Kyrandia, Altered Destiny or Les Manley. Or many more i don´t remember without digging through my collection.

Among my absolute top games were the adventures from ICOM: Deja Vu, Uninvited and Shadowgate. They were one of the reasons I bought my first Amiga 500 in 1988.

Another one of my top favs was Kult, or Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess as it was called in the USA. The ending was a bit simple, but the game was like a dream.

Or Neuromancer, I liked the game so much I read the novel as well. Very cool cyberpunk setting, and the Amiga version was the best of them all. I played it for weeks, upgrading my software, continuing in the story.

Or Personal Nightmare, my first horro adventure. It really scared me... 15 years ago.

I also fell in love with the Dynamix adventures. I was really shocked when they did not continue producing games with their adventure system. I played through "Rise of the Dragons" a few times, trying to find alternative solutions (moderately successful), also "Heart of China". Aaargh, they don´t make games like that anymore. I even liked "Willy Beamish". Maybe those games were not so successful on the Amiga because they required a harddisk to really be able to enjoy them? I don´t know. Many of the later adventures required a harddisk to enjoy them.

Also solved many text adventures from Infocom, Magnetic Scrolls, Level 9 or Interplay (Borrowed Time was cool, also Mindshadow and I loved Tass Times in Tonetown). Or very cool (and easy) was Island of Lost Hope.

Ok, I did use hints for some of the games, but they were not so easy to come by in the time before the internet.

I made a list of all released adventure games and published it on the Aminet many years ago, no idea if it is still available there. The list contained more than 100 adventures. There were only few where I haven´t seen the ending :-).

Since I generally owned originals, which I mostly bought pre-owned, I rarely had the problem of corrupt/missing disks or manual requests I could not solve.

Apart from adventures, I played a lot of simulations, flight sims (Interceptor, Falcon, Battlehawks, their Finest Hour, Flight of the Intruder) or sub sims (Silent Service). Or strategy games like Civilization, UFO or Millennium 2.2. Or role-playing games. Actually I liked rpgs a lot, but they were generally much more time consuming than adventures, so I solved only maybe a dozen.

SSI´s Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus was one of the most memorable. Took me maybe a week. Or my beloved Dungeon Master. Or of course "Bards Tale: Tales of the Unknown", another reason why I bought my first Amiga. Played Bard´s Tale for many weeks. Or Champions of Krynn, the first Gold Box game that was released on the Amiga.

Another rpg I solved together with a friend in a few weeks and without cheating was the fantastic space rpg "Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday". The box came with the novel, which I read first, later and after solving the game I read all following novels as well.

I also played through a few platformers and shoot em ups, but mostly I stopped after a few weeks and reaching level 4 or something like that. I generally had a hard time really completing any action game without cheat.

Rodland and R-Type come to my mind.

Actually, I played Amiga games heavily from 1988 to 1998, when I finally had played through most games I was interested in. So I was forced to switch to the dark side and buy my first IBM clone. I hated it, but it provided me with dozens of more new adventures, which I could play in the following years... and still play. Atm i am stuck in "Black Mirror", a few weeks ago I played through "Still Life". Without cheating in maybe one month.

Ok, since I am sitting in the office I should maybe go back to work now.
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Old 14 June 2006, 12:43   #100
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"Flashback" is the only Amiga game I ever completed - after teaming up with my brother (he would tackle all the action bits, and I would take care of the adventure parts). This is mainly due to the fact that there was little incentive with Amiga games, or - at least - not as much as with earlier computer games.

It's only a bit later that I would get back to playing games from start to finish, i.e. when the first games in the "Tomb Raider" series were released for the "Playstation" console...

There are still games I'd love to be interested in but - I have to admit it - I will just get bored very quickly now...
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