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View Poll Results: Which Amiga do you own?
Amiga 1000 24 2.41%
Amiga 500 159 15.96%
Amiga 2000 37 3.71%
Amiga 500+ 31 3.11%
Amiga 1500 5 0.50%
Amiga 3000 29 2.91%
Amiga 600 67 6.73%
Amiga 4000 110 11.04%
Amiga 1200 448 44.98%
Amiga CD32 33 3.31%
Amiga CDTV 6 0.60%
I don't have one, but plan to get one 20 2.01%
I don't have one, and I don't plan to get one 27 2.71%
Voters: 996. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03 October 2005, 19:35   #381
Registered User
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: home
Posts: 13
A500 (1MB)
A1200 "pure" without HD

and I´ve sold my A2000 years ago
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Old 04 October 2005, 11:54   #382
R3tr0 G4m3r
Eny-'s Avatar
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Lisbon - Portugal
Age: 38
Posts: 327
I have atm:

1x A500
1x A500+ (broken)
2x A600
1x A1200/030/32Mb
1x Cd32
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Old 04 October 2005, 15:03   #383
crusader of light

Mick_AKA's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Stone, Staffordshire.
Posts: 1,135
Afraid my collection has be whittled down lately to:

Satin Black A1200 - Blizzard 1230 Mk IV 128mb, 6gig HDD etc.
Stock A600HD

Thats all
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Old 07 October 2005, 13:13   #384
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Berkshire, UK
Age: 42
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Originally Posted by Burge
Now I feel really old I owned and still own an Amiga 1000 which I obtained in about 1990. When you guys talk about your hard drives and your demos it makes me go 'wha...? An Amiga with a hard drive? You must mean PC...' In my day we had to make do with Kickstart and Workbench 1.1, 1 floppy drive and 512k RAM...

You people with Amigas with PC type specs make me sick. You never truly knew what it was lke to be an Amiga owner. It meant sacrifices and hard work, games that would stop working for no apparent reason, software failures and many other bad things... anyway, that's my rant for the day, hope I didn't offend anyone too badly Lastly, never let this board shut down, never...
I can relate to that!! ... I didn't know Amiga's had hard-drives!!
I've just bought an A1200 with 200mb HD, 4mb fast ram.
Now I have been told what to do with WHDLoad games etc... but I'm too retro and need to read everything 100 times!

Got 2 Amiga 500's sitting here... one with 1mb upgrade.
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Old 12 October 2005, 21:47   #385
Registered User
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Your Computer
Posts: 13
Amiga 2000 with working video toaster card. 1.3 and 2.05 rom switchable.
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Old 13 October 2005, 15:45   #386
Posts: n/a
Hello everybody !

actually i have :
Amiga 500+ (1987)
Amiga 500 (1989)
they both work perfectly
Old 13 October 2005, 18:38   #387
Registered User
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Amiga_land
Posts: 443
As far as I'm concerned, WinUAE is a real Amiga. Make no mistake!
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Old 13 October 2005, 21:13   #388
Registered User

BippyM's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Nottingham, UK
Age: 42
Posts: 8,629
Originally Posted by amiga
As far as I'm concerned, WinUAE is a real Amiga. Make no mistake!
But it's not is it?

It's a PC emulating an Amiga - Does an excellent job but still not the real deal!
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Old 13 October 2005, 21:23   #389
Registered User
dkovacs's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Goderich Ontario Canada
Age: 41
Posts: 64
I have an A1200/68030/6MB Ram and SquirrelSCSI.
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Old 20 October 2005, 14:12   #390
Posts: n/a
how many Amigas do You own?

This poll isn't responsive enough, there is no way for me to indicate that I own 2 Amiga 500 and one Amiga 4000 machines.
Old 20 October 2005, 17:21   #391
Posts: n/a
Got many little miggies, but main machine is a towerized a1200 with BlizzPPC 603e/210 040/25 + scsi + 256megs, MediatorSX with Voodoo3+Terratec512i+PlayTVPro, SubwayUSB, an ide cd-rom drive, a scsi burner, a 2.5" and a 3.5" ide harddrives, and 2 monitors connected for output (a Sony 17" and an AmigaTechnologies M1438S).
Oh, and a super uber Diamond Supra prehistoric 56k modem for surfing BBS!
Old 20 October 2005, 23:36   #392
Posts: n/a
I have a few Amigas:

A500 (my 1st from 1990 but, unfortunately, broken)
2 A1200s (one standard, one with Blizzard 1230-IV, 128Mb Ram, 3Gb HD, Squirrel, CD drive etc)
A2000 (with Video Toaster, 3.1 ROMs but no accellerator!:-( )
A4000 (3.2Gb HD, Cyberstorm MKII 68060 at 60mhz with 128Mb RAM, Picollo SD64, ASDG dual serial card, Amber SD and Algor USB card)

Still undecided about future Amiga purchases...
Old 20 October 2005, 23:54   #393
Steve James
Registered User
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Cheshire/England
Posts: 32
I have 3 Amigas at the moment, an A4000 with 850 mb hd, an A1200 in an Ateo tower which needs some TLC and an A1200 in a power tower, with blizzard 060, mediator, voodoo etc
Also have originals of Amithlon and just updated Amiga forever!
I've got it bad!!!!!
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Old 21 October 2005, 03:37   #394
Posts: n/a
Wink Who owns a real amiga

Yep, got 1 a500, a500+, a600 & a1200 + 030 card + 16mb ram/500mb hdd (wow). All 4 are sitting in my cupboard at the moment along with my ZX81, ZX 48k and (wait 4 it), My old Interstate that played pong and had a light gun (till it broke). My A500, A500+ & A600 all have faulty floppy drives (will be replaced eventually when this pc and my xbox dont need upgraded), but my a1200 is still in perfect working order. It gets setup every now and then for nostalgic purposes, to listen to tunes i made in MED many moons ago and watch/listen to my fav demos, joe's, 9fingers etc. Not got many games that work 100% nowadays as my mum put it in a freezin cold shed along with all my disks when i was still moving to my own house. Still, It's still my fav machine, way ahead of it's time. I used to love rubbing it right in with PC owners by firing up 9 fingers etc and saying can ur (Pish Computer - P.C.) do that then? naw - well get it up ye ).

Amiga will alwayz rule.

Old 28 November 2005, 20:04   #395
Tik Gora :D

mr_0rga5m's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Round yo momma's
Posts: 1,273

Lol ,Reading yours posts is harder than reading Woody57's

Welcome to the board mate
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Old 28 November 2005, 22:13   #396
Registered User
Stein's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: US
Posts: 56
I've got 3 Amigas.

a500 (stock and broken unfortunately, no idea what's wrong)

a2000 (megachip, opalvision (ouch), 020 8m fast ram and one leaky battery 1.3 and 2.04 roms via rom switcher ECS upgrade - and a ton of crap I'm forgetting. unfortunately this system is also broken)

a1200 (4m fast ram, and a 2nd external floppy, and is currently hooked up via serial cable to my pc - working great )

and my favorite Amgia of all... WinUAE. after 20 some years wishing for my ultimate Amiga, I finally have it hehe...
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Old 29 November 2005, 10:47   #397
Dr. Dude
Senior Member
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: On Ami World
Posts: 500
Originally Posted by Stein
and my favorite Amgia of all... WinUAE. after 20 some years wishing for my ultimate Amiga, I finally have it hehe...
WinUAE is far from being a perfect Amiga. The road of emulating the Amiga PERFECT is still long.

And not to mention it runs on pc
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Old 11 December 2005, 21:35   #398
Junior Member

SilentBob's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Norway
Age: 43
Posts: 241
Well, two Amigas , 1200 and 4000. Bought in 1993, and still work after 12 years in service. And I thought the C64 was long-lived. :P

And I agree emulators don't count as real computers. If they did, I could say I owned any computer related to the emulators I have, which would make quite a few. That would just be silly.
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Old 11 December 2005, 22:16   #399
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Q8
Age: 33
Posts: 160
A600 on the way!! waiting .... hope its better than the A500 that i used to have..
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Old 11 December 2005, 23:28   #400
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Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Stockton-On-Tees
Age: 51
Posts: 23
I have just purchased an Amiga 1200 with 120MB HD off eBay,
got it for £31.99 with all manuals, however there was no Joysticks so I have just bought two new Zipsticks off eBay,
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