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View Poll Results: Which Amiga do you own?
Amiga 1000 24 2.41%
Amiga 500 159 15.96%
Amiga 2000 37 3.71%
Amiga 500+ 31 3.11%
Amiga 1500 5 0.50%
Amiga 3000 29 2.91%
Amiga 600 67 6.73%
Amiga 4000 110 11.04%
Amiga 1200 448 44.98%
Amiga CD32 33 3.31%
Amiga CDTV 6 0.60%
I don't have one, but plan to get one 20 2.01%
I don't have one, and I don't plan to get one 27 2.71%
Voters: 996. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02 July 2005, 20:49   #341
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While I voted A4000, I currently have the following:


All are in working order with varying degrees of expansion. The A4K is still used regularly, and is happily housing my CSPPC and CV cards.
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Old 03 July 2005, 15:45   #342
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! currently have a 2000, 3000, and 3 4000's ( 1 is a 4000T, the other 2 are 4000D converted over to towers which I use as toaster machines). I do have an amiga 1000, but I am not sure if it works. then other machines do work quite well. the A2000 I have had since 88, the 3000 since 93, the 4000T since 97, and the 2 4000D conversions I picked up at an amiga show in ottawa in 01.

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Old 03 July 2005, 22:54   #343
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I have old 1200(with 040) and I love this computer I also bought 600 from my friend I gave her 3 euros isn`t it funny that 1200 costed me 300e many many years ago(no one even thinked about euros then)
Old 04 July 2005, 14:33   #344
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I own Amiga 500 and CD32.
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Old 04 July 2005, 19:20   #345
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Do you know, Im not sure what Amigas I have now

I have an A500 with a A590 HD attached in small bedroom and ive an accellorated A1200 (not sure to what speed, 040, maybe 050) on the bottom shelf of my coffee table the lounge (needs packing away really). And then theres i think an accelerated A1200 with a huge HD under my bed ina box and there might be another A500 there but im not sure...

Why any of us need multiple old computers lying about Ive no idea, but I notice it seems to be common theme in this thread!!!

Add to this old Atari 2600 machines (various of due to buying games on e-bay that were bundled with yet another console), a couple of MSX 64k and sinclair +2 ... might be time for a clear out
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Old 08 July 2005, 02:33   #346
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Well, currently I think I have about 30 Amiga-500s lying around here ( some not working, though ). Ofcourse I will not keep them all, but I will keep quite a number (all different ones and a few more) simply for reserve to be sure to have at least one working machine left also in many years !
Now is the time you can get them cheap, but what will be in 10 years ?
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Old 12 July 2005, 07:09   #347
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Here are my AMIGA SYSTEMS:

#1 (transfer unit)
Motherboard Rev6a
Kickstart v1.3 315093-02
Fatter Angus 8372A 318069-02?
512KB RAM Expansion
SupraDrive 500XP Harddrive 4MB RAM?
Action Replay Mk III v3.17

#2 (backup)
Motherboard Rev5
Kickstart v1.2 315093-01
Fat Angus 8370 318070-01
A501 512KB RAM Expansion
SupraRam 500RX 2MB RAM Expansion
A1010 3.5" Floppy Drive (button deattached)
A1020 5.25" Floppy Drive

#3 (hardware modified, defective)
Motherboard Rev5
Kickstart v1.2 315093-01
Fatter Angus 8372A 318069-02?
A501 512KB RAM Expansion
GVP DSS8+ Audio Sampler
A520 RF Modulator
GoldenImage? Master-3A1 3.5" Floppy Drive *DEAD*
A1020 5.25" Floppy Drive

#4 (defective)
A500 *DEAD*
Motherboard Rev6a
Kickstart Switcher
Kickstart v1.3 315093-02
Kickstart v2.0?
Fatter Angus 8372A 318069-02?
Super Denise 8373R4?
512KB RAM Expansion

I guess I have a couple of A1000's lying around as well.

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Old 12 July 2005, 10:14   #348
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Which One? ;-)

I own 2 A500s, an A500+, an A2000, an A2500 and an A4000D, all nicely equipped. Bought my first A500 in 1994.
Old 12 July 2005, 11:55   #349
Dr. Dude
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demoniac edit ur post, all the links are screwed. Just remove them
Hardware book does not take outside links
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Old 12 July 2005, 12:36   #350
Amiga Tinkerer
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Currently I have:

1x A500 with 1MB Chip RAM hack performed by me with a carving knife in the early 90's and a dead matrix in the keyboard - otherwise is ok. (My very first amiga and it is in a box in a cupboard)
2x CD32's (1 with a dead cd-rom drive)

I addition I have also owned at one time or another:

A2000HD w/2x A2091, A2630 Accel Card, A2052 x2, A2386 PC Bridgeboard & PC Gfx Card
A2500 w/A2091 and A2630 Accel Card, A2320 Flicker Fixer & Network Card
A3000D Kick 1.4 (Super Kickstart)
A3000D Kick 2.04
A4000D w/CS MK 1 40MHz 040, C= A4091 Card, CyberVision 643D
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Old 12 July 2005, 20:26   #351
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I think it may have been thrown away by now (or stuffed in a cupboard somwhere) but I had a A500 with externall drive, 1mb upgrade and all sorts of other add ons. Please a CD32 but the CD drive died

I think I stopped using them when the first versions of Fellow were good enough to run all my old games smoothly.
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Old 12 July 2005, 22:47   #352
Dr. Dude
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Originally Posted by parabolee
I think it may have been thrown away by now
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Old 13 July 2005, 01:29   #353
Cat lover
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Here my systems:

- Defective A500, KS1.3/2.04, 2MB, Commodore Monitor 1084S
Bought in 1989

- A1200 desktop with 68030/MMU @ 50Mhz (Blizzard 1230/IV),
2MB chip 16MB Fast, internal 2,5" 1,4GB HardDrive,
Modem 56kbit, LG CD-RW Drive 24x10x40x in Traxdata case,
Amiga Monitor M1438S (DBLPAL HI-Res No-Flicker 720x512)
KS3.0/3.1 with very personal and advanced WB3.1
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Old 13 July 2005, 08:56   #354
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Originally Posted by Dr. Dude
demoniac edit ur post, all the links are screwed. Just remove them
Hardware book does not take outside links
I did as requested, but I didn't think there was that much harm in leaving them. Anyway, the links were gathered awhile back, so they probably changed since I compiled that list.
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Old 13 July 2005, 19:09   #355
Tony Landais
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Here is my system (24 amigas)

1 * A1500 SCSI GVP 2
1 * A2500 SCSI 68020
2 * A1000
3 * A1200 (68020ec, 68030 FPU, 68060)
1 * A1200 Tower 68030 FPU
1 * A2000
1 * A3000 Desktop
1 * A4040 Tower
1 * A4060 Desktop Picasso IV 128 Mo
5 * A500 + A570 + A590 + GVP HD
2 * A500+
1 * A600 HD
2 * CD32 (a basic and a HD 68030 32 Mo)
2 * CDTV

Last edited by Tony Landais; 13 July 2005 at 19:16.
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Old 14 July 2005, 06:01   #356
Ya' like it Retr0?
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Cool Not what Amiga you have... HOW MANY do you have..

Surely that poll should be (how many amiga's do you own LOL ), I have three, all initially A12's but Tower'ed or better...

*sorry i couldn`t help it....

primary amiga is a Base A12 with the following

a Z3 Buss board
Prelude 16 bit snd card (clock port version)
!0Mbit Network Card
CV64-3D Graphics
Flicker Fixer
A1260 CPU (was 50Mhz Clocked to 66 *NICE )
64MB FastPage (72Pin EDO 40Ns Memory)
IDE Interface

4GB SeaGate HDD
2GB WesterDigital HDD
CDRW 4x4x16
TruVison 24Bit Scanner
Citizen Swift ABC Printer (Still Works LOL)
17"SVGA Monitor
15 CBM1048 MultiSync
A4000 Keyboard
Original Mouse

And its all wraped up in a very special box....
where i used to work (about 10 years ago) they had an old (pre 1990)
Cat3000 Server..... it was old.... and some what beaten... but these beasties are BIG!!!!!

well lets just say out with the old and in with the new...after a bit of Dremel action.. out goes the Dual 486 SX 25's and gudgins and in with the more important and *USEFULL* components MY AMIGA.....

the other two amiga's i aquired along the way as friends sold them on for PC's or Consoles.... and i ninja'd right on upto 2001 with my Amiga before turning to the dark side and finally building my own PC... (it was unreal torneament that did it...)

(second thing i installed on that PC was an amiga emulator btw LOL)

Funny how life takes you....

I now have a network in the my house of 5 Windoz Pc's 1 Laptop, 1 linux box..... damn i hate PC's... to simple..... lol

anyways..... interesting how the polling showes most had A12's .... mind you..... it was a damn fine computer..... even before upgrading...

anyways.... Got WinUAE .... runnig on this blistering PC i built... its almost as good as my Amiga... (its off line and in the shed... had to dismantle PSU problems... and not enought time.... *3 years ago.....* sad huh.... ) well anyways i have been looking for a decent Amiga Forum from the UK.... so here i am ... Hello fellow Amiganaughts.... look forward to reading your posts soon

l8rs Z.
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Old 14 July 2005, 07:09   #357
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Age: 50
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- A1200
- blizzard060/50+scsi-kit+32 mo fast.
- MEDIATOR+voodoo3+ethernet100+tv card+spiderII


- A1200+blizzard030/50+scsi-kit.
- action replay for 1200.
- hypercom 3Z for A4000.
- others parts but without importance.

searching after 64 of 128 mo for blizzard060.

I'm using amiga since first A500 1.2 (1986-1987), selling for A500+ in 1992 and buying a micronik A1500 in 1996 (with ZIII). ZIII bus died 2001 and baught a mediator (great product).

without the mediator in 2001, no more amigas, thanks for elbox for that.

Sorry for not participate more in eab but not great english level here for understand and answering often but really great pleasure to read and discover new things about amiga here often.

great. no javascript execution forever with eab 3.5 when answering post and ibrowse 2.3 but big pages are slow for scrolling vertically now with eab3.5 (little comment for informations).

great happy birthday for me this day
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Old 15 July 2005, 10:09   #358
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Well, yesterday was a big day for me... I finally trashed my trusty old A500+ with harddisk, straight in the bin.... I felt all awkward, as if I threw away a piece of my youth in some way. However, I now have all shiny and empty space available to fill up with new computers

I am however still converting my datadisks with disk2dfi to .adf format.
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Old 15 July 2005, 12:06   #359
Dr. Dude
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Trash a Amiga... you out of your mind?

No matter if it does not work, it always can be used to bring life to other Amiga's
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Old 15 July 2005, 23:12   #360
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hehehe Believe me, this one not... Ever seen the intestins of an A500+ when a cat has puked all over it, monhs before that? You wouldn't want a single part from that machine hehehehe But nevertheless, trashing it did hurt, but oh well... The memories are all still there.

btw, there are still tons of A500's for sale here in the Netherlands for ridiculous low prices through auction sites... I couldn't get rid of the A500 even if I gave money away with it overhere....

Anyway, the pain I felt was just because it was the machine I used for years back then... Like a pair of old shoes that you grow attached to

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