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View Poll Results: Which Amiga do you own?
Amiga 1000 24 2.41%
Amiga 500 159 15.96%
Amiga 2000 37 3.71%
Amiga 500+ 31 3.11%
Amiga 1500 5 0.50%
Amiga 3000 29 2.91%
Amiga 600 67 6.73%
Amiga 4000 110 11.04%
Amiga 1200 448 44.98%
Amiga CD32 33 3.31%
Amiga CDTV 6 0.60%
I don't have one, but plan to get one 20 2.01%
I don't have one, and I don't plan to get one 27 2.71%
Voters: 996. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 28 November 2002, 21:25   #261
Mr Softy
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Thumbs up

I do!

A1200 with a 40 meg HD

Before that I had the plain 500, but it died, hence the 1200.
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Old 29 November 2002, 12:12   #262
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Floppy disk Jolly Roger's cookbook

If anyone's interested, I'm putting in the zone now.

(Heh. And to think I spent a-ges putting it in AmigaGuide format at the time...)
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Old 29 November 2002, 19:42   #263
Hardware Freak
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Here's my collection of Amiga stuff:

The A500 Nr. 1
Serial Number: 274056
Rev. 5 motherboard
Memory: 512k Chip + 512k expansion on the trapdoor slot
2Mb SupraRam 500RX on the sideslot
Kickstart: KS1.2/KS1.3 on Omni-ROM kickstart switcher

The A500 Nr. 2 (Casing destroyed by Post Office)
Serial Number: 744058
Rev. 6 motherboard
Memory: 512k Chip + 512k expansion on the trapdoor slot
Kickstart: KS1.3

(This machine also has the "Fatter Agnus" 8372A capable of using 1Mb onboard memory)

The A600
Serial Number: M 072207
Rev. 2B motherboard
Memory: 1Mb Chip + 1 Mb expansion on the trapdoor slot
Kickstart: KS3.1
Harddrive: 2.5" 1.08Gb IBM DSOA-21080

+ Mouses, external diskdrives, 400+ disks, C= 1084S monitor with some selfmade expansions, Joysticks + misc. stuff

The CD32
Standard CD32 with one Competition Pro CD32 pad

Soon I'm going to take the mobo from A500-2 and transplant it into the A500-1's case because the post office mishandled my package and managed to crush the casing into a lot more pieces than the two halves it's usually seen.. the rev. 5 mobo will probably stay as spareparts mobo.. Also i'm thinking of soldering 512k extra on the rev. 6 mobo..

Just wishing to find an accelerator for the a600 and perhaps another monitor...
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Old 30 November 2002, 19:26   #264
Posts: n/a
Recent status:

A1200 tower:
kick 3.1
166 mhz ppc with 040
Blizzard Vision GFX card
64 ram
20GB Hd
4-way ide interface
52x LG cd-rom

A1200 desktop
kick 3.0
Blizzard 1230-IV 030/50mhz
16mb ram
Seagate HD that fits inside the case

kick 2.0
Soon to be Hd-ized

A500 (x2)
Kick 1.3
512k fast ram

kick 2.0
512k fastram

Killed in action

Last edited by Burseg; 30 November 2002 at 23:30.
Old 05 December 2002, 23:24   #265
Posts: n/a
Gosh - an old thread!

I've been using Amigas since spring '88, and have never been without since....

My current collection is 8-9 Amigas all in all, but 3 are just for parts (1 A500, 1 A2000 and 1 A4000)

I have expanded 1 A2000 and 1 A4000 pretty heavily, but still in need of Ethernet cards on both, so they can join my local network.
Old 08 December 2002, 18:07   #266
Now got GSX750F :))
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Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Halifax UK
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Hey PSYKO got the same prob with the A4000.

Can't decide whether to get an X-Surf zorro card with fast serial, ATA IDE and a 10Mb RJ45 skt or wait until I've got the PCI board and use a cheapo PC 10/100 NIC instead...

Currently thinking of getting the X-Surf - coz then I can link to P166@10Mb with a X-over cable and then link from the P166 to the rest of the nework @ 100Mb - so I don't need a switching hub
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Old 07 June 2004, 20:59   #267
Posts: n/a
Hahaha how stupid I was to own a bloody PPC!
Anyway what was that thread, I see everyone posted their stuff. Good idea, serves my ego well

A1200 desktop, ks3.0, Blizzard 1230-IV 030/50mhz, 32mb ram, 6.1gb 2.5" IBM HD
Plain A1200 desktop, 3.1Rom
Plain A1200 desktop, 3.0Rom - No keyboard (looks awful!) ps2 keyboard adapter
A600, kick 2.05 37.350, 4GB 2.5" HD, 2mb PCMCIA Ram (No it can't slow the 68k down)
Plain A600
A500 80MB HD, 2MB GVP RAM, +512 in trapdoor = 3mb in total
Plain A500 1.3 x6 (5 have 512k ram boards in trapdoor - one doesn't accept it)
Plain A500 1.2!!!
Plain A500+ x2

Several bits and pieces, action replays, kickstart switches, dead a500 boards, tons of a500 chips, +15psus, +20 mice +20 joysticks (9 of them are boxed comp pros!), ~1000/1500 floppies, 2 5.25" disk drives, 5.25" disks and other scary stuff!

won't be getting any more!

Last edited by oldpx; 07 June 2004 at 21:07.
Old 07 June 2004, 23:23   #268
Registered User
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Ok, time for some update here I guess

Here we go :

A1000, 512KB Chip, 2MB Fast, DF0: Internal/External Switch
A500, Kick 1.2
A500, Kick 1.3
A500, 512KB expansion, Kick 1.3/2.04
A500, 512KB expansion, AlfaPower HD Controller, 1.3GB HD, 8MB Fast, Kick 3.1
3 x A500 for spare parts
A500+, 2MB Chip, Kick 1.3/2.04
A600, Kick 2.05
A600 in PC Desktop, 2MB Chip, 2MB Fast, IDEfix, 500MB HD, 4xCDRom, Kick 2.05
A600 Mobo spare
A1200 Desktop, Blizzard 1230/50, 64MB Ram, IDEfix, 2GB HD, 4xCDRW, Kick 3.1, HD Floppy
A1200 Infinitiv I Tower (just W.I.P. right now ) with Kick 3.1
A1200 Mobo spare
A2000, Blizzard 2060/50 with 128MB Ram, 20GB HD, Spectrum 28/24, VLab, A2065, MFCIII, Topolino, 24xCDRom, Kick 3.1, HD Floppy
A2000, Blizzard 2040/40 with 64MB Ram, 4GB HD, Domino Graka, Oktagon 2008-AT, Kick 3.1
A2000, 1MB Chip, 2MB Fast, old XT-HD Controller with 20MB HD and Kick 1.3
2 x A2000 for spare parts
A3000, Softboot Roms 1.4, 2MB Chip, not working
A4000, A3640/25, 2MB Chip, 16MB Fast, 40xCDRom, HD Floppy
CDTV with black Keyboard, black Mouse, black Monitor etc.
CDTV for spare
CD32 with 2 Honeybee Pads

..... and about 10 big boxes with spare parts
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Old 07 June 2004, 23:46   #269
Two-bit whore
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Obsessed much me thinks!
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Old 08 June 2004, 04:13   #270
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It never hurts to have loads, and TOO MUCH doesn't exist
No upgrades in that front, haven't bought a single system in a couple of years, no cash for that I still plan to upgrade my 1200 a bit more, at least with an sd/ff
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Old 08 June 2004, 20:51   #271
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Interesting to see how many Amiga fans have joined the ranks so long after C= went under.. :-)

I've been an Amigan since '89, and a C= lover since '85 when I got my first C-64.

Currently I have too many CBM 8-bits to list here, a pile of A500s, A beefy A4000, a slightly less beefy A4000 and a beefy A2000. :-D

The less beefy A4000 and the A2000 could be yours, if you make me an offer I can't refuse! PM for more info.
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Old 08 June 2004, 21:02   #272
Zone Friend
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I got me five!
A500 ( bought in 1987 )
1 x A1200 bare
1 x A1200 with hdd
1 x A1200 with gig hdd and an 030 gvp board with 8mb
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Old 08 June 2004, 21:32   #273
Posts: n/a
i still do have all my original amigas which i bought.

since 87 my a1000
since 89 an a500 and an a2000
and, i cant remind exactly, but i think since 94 an a1200...
and they all still work (even if i dont use em anymore)
Old 08 June 2004, 22:58   #274
Now got GSX750F :))
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Join Date: Jun 2002
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Hmm, update time me thinks, added;

A1200 030 2/4MB C/F w/ 10Mb NIC for the PCMCIA port, all working OK
CD32 with lots of CD's (about 30) original commodore pad and Comp Pro pad

and, A2386 bridgeboard, Oktagon SCSI card, SCSI II adapter for Cyberstorm :>
Still looking for a GFX card and a NIC for the A4000

Oktagon card's for sale if anyone wants it. Make an offer, got it as part of a deal...
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Old 09 June 2004, 16:20   #275
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Happy My beloved Amiga...

yes, i have real Amiga too..

not long ago i have repaired back to life 6! Commodore 1084S monitors :-)
(about five days of work)
yes, very nice monitors... my very best favorite has been manufactured in year 1987 (about 17 years old but very nice sharp screen) :-)
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Old 10 June 2004, 19:35   #276
Dr. Dude
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*Take's a look around the room and in some boxes*

A 4000
A 1000
3 x 1200
A 500+
A 500

2 migy's 1200 are networked to the 3e 1200, and that one going to the (crapy) router
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Old 11 June 2004, 01:51   #277
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A1200: 030/50 16mb fast ram 3.2gb 2.5" HD Nec 3ds monitor
A2000: 2091 SCSI with 500mb HD 2mb fast memory, 286 Bridgeboard
A500: A501 memory expansion

1084 Monitor, mice , etc
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Old 12 June 2004, 00:18   #278
Hardware Freak
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Sheesh.. a really old thread indeed..

Since my last post on this thread (Nov/2002) i've bought myself a nice A2000
It needs a few updates done to it before i move on to another ones :P
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Old 12 June 2004, 13:33   #279
Registered User
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Location: Finland
Age: 42
Posts: 31
C64 -> A500 -> A1200
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Old 15 June 2004, 00:12   #280
Commodore Collector
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Hmm, which Amiga do I own ?
Just one ?
Well, not really
I think must be something like 25 A-500 and A-500+ of all types ( all 3 different cases, at least 4 different board revs, the 2 designer cases,... )
Also A-1000s, A-3000, A-1200s, A-600s, CDTV and CD-32 piling up here, a Sidecar ( does that count ? ), but no A-2000 and no A-4000. ( don't like these big ones )
A-1500 and A-2500 would be nice, but haven't got these 2.

I think I will have left at least one working Amiga even in 50 years So far my original, new-bought A-500 from '90 is still working and I haven't had to repair it, yet ( now, having that said, I bet it will break down tomorrow.... )
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