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Slow Amiga Explorer


I am using Amiga Explorrer to access Amiga drives on my PC via ethernet. The connection between the two seems to be dead slow, over an hour to copy a hard disk volume that's 50mb in size. It's an Amiga 1200 with a 33Mhz 68030 and 64 MB of fast ram.

Are there any settings I can change to improve the speed?

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Increase the buffer size to maximum. 32k on PC side and 64k on Amiga side IIRC.
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Zorro (X-Surf) Ethernet here with a 25MHz 040, Miami and Amiga Explorer runs at between 500Kbyte/s and 100Kbyte/s so 50mbyte should take between 1 and 4 minutes.

My PCMCIA based ethernet in the A600 is much slower but I am sure that is just the 7MHz 68000 at fault. It gets about 50Kbyte/sec and would have taken about 10-40 mins.

Which ethernet card driver are you using? 3c589.device or cnet.device?

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I found this thread while searching. I'm having a similar problem.

CPU is 060-50 , reolution 640-512@
I've Genesis connected to my Airties adsl modem using a wireless card I got from Amigakit.

Amiga Explorer is set to 32768 buffers on both Amiga and PC side.

I've been fiddling with the settings of Genesis to increase the speed and right now I can transfer a 30mb file in 5 minutes but I was expecting under one minute.

The only setting I changed in Genesis is to open a port and increase memory usage from 256 to 1024 (I think this made a difference)

I was getting a bit better speed from MiamiDX but saw tests where Genesis was faster than MiamiDX.

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