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Old 16 December 2006, 15:26   #101
Cat lover
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I can assure Albatros joystick is sharp and indestructible.
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Old 16 December 2006, 16:12   #102
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Originally Posted by Paul_s
Just wondering which stick you like to play the majority of your games on?

Pics of collections would be nice

Erm here's my favourite;

that is all
My fave is Paul_s's fave. I have one just like it, played to bits

Also have a Quickjoy Topstar and a Tac-II.

Just bought these two for 8€ on tradera:

Good button placement and very moddable Reminiscent of the SNES controller.
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Old 16 December 2006, 16:34   #103
Graham Humphrey
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I've got a couple of Zipstiks, very good and durable joysticks. I used to have one of those Quickshot ones as well, but it broke. It was OK but a bit sensitive at times. My favourite though was the Bug! A real shame they usually only lasted a few months...
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Old 16 December 2006, 16:57   #104
Amiga User

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I use a PS2 Dualshock2 through a usb adapter and before that was a Gravis.
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Old 16 December 2006, 18:59   #105
crusader of light

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Comes down between the Comp Pro and the Zipstick for me.
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Old 16 December 2006, 20:51   #106
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These two are my favourites JOYSTICKS. I just bought the Competition Pro one, but I'm still looking for the one that feels and looks the same as my original did, back when I had a C64.

Supposedly it was a Competition Pro 5000, and it looked like it as well. But the button presses and joystick clicked like the Zipstick does. I don't like how the Comp Pro I have doesn't give any feedback on the buttons, it's just a soft press, almost like you're pressing a touch screen. I also seem to remember the transparent plastic not having that sandpaper feel, but be rather transparent like a bottle of coca cola. I remember buying it in Germany, cirka 1990, while I was on a vacation. It also felt slightly cheaper, like the zipstick, compared to the Competition Pro I have now. It could be an imitation, a fake copy, but if that was the case, it was a fake that was as good as the original.

I miss this joystick! Still looking for it.

EDIT: oops, didn't realize it was that big. Fixxxxxxxxxx'd.

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Old 16 December 2006, 20:54   #107
Into the Wonderful

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Is that officially the largest image EVER posted on EAB!?!?

No Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed

EDIT: It wasnt just big it was GARGANTUAN Good taste in sticks though.

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Old 18 December 2006, 12:52   #108
RIP Friends
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I've merged your thread Paul_s with another older thread I found.
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Old 18 December 2006, 15:32   #109
Ya' like it Retr0?
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Excelent I had completely missed the previous thread cheers )
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Old 18 December 2006, 15:38   #110
Hungry Horace
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are we allowed pads? or should i expect backlash for such things?

CD32 Competiton Pro, as shown by keropi above.

on winuae, Playstation 2 pad.... analogue stick is great on SWOS. i still want to build that thing on Aminet for using a PS2 pad on an amiga / zx spectrum / c64 / dead-dog.
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Old 23 December 2006, 03:35   #111
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Sega Genesis Arcade power stick I remember I had to swap a wire so it wouldn't burn out the cia chip, but it had autofire for each button that you could select the speed of auto fire for it and all 3 buttons works a few games supported it(3rd button) on the amiga.

before that any of the BOSS joysticks worked fine


now I have an X-arcade tank stick.
Old 23 December 2006, 11:00   #112

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Comes down between the Competition Pro and the Quickshot II for me.
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Old 23 December 2006, 12:42   #113
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The Competition Pro

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Old 24 December 2006, 11:51   #114
retro maniac

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Quickshot Python 1m, maybe it's not the best but I like it.
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Old 24 December 2006, 16:27   #115
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Originally Posted by haynor
Quickshot Python 1m, maybe it's not the best but I like it.
Me too
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Old 06 January 2007, 22:47   #116
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Zipstick with the PROPER microswitches in... no contest

Wasn't it called a Euromax something originally??
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Old 06 March 2007, 23:54   #117
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I bought a new Competition Pro Retro from Vesalia, some weeks ago. This remake is muuuch better than the PC USB version. I can highly recommend it.


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Old 06 March 2007, 23:59   #118
Gets there in the end...

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I had a quickshot maverick which I used for a while! I rewired it so "player 2" allowed me to reverse the stick and play with the stick to the right of the buttons!

When that died, on the amiga I tended to use my Zipstick and Competition Pro Mini which still works!
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Old 08 March 2007, 06:40   #119
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When I was a kid one of my little brothers' friends broke our Tac-2, inside, where the little contact ball is...I was shattered

Went to go buy a new one and was told they'd been discontinued...doubly shattered

Then my mum just asked in a nearby shop when buying something else one day, they had one boxed and sitting out the back...I still have it to this day

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Old 08 March 2007, 12:58   #120

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The quickshot iV saw me through my c64 days. took lots of punishment and im sure i pretty much had to replace every microswitch spring over time

On my amiga, the quickshot joypad is possably the easiest to handle joypad ever. pissed off more then a few mates with how easy i pulled off those horrible round the stick moves in beat em ups
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Name:	QuickshotJoypad.jpg
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