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Old 07 December 2006, 22:00   #41
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michael here as in saintly / holy saint michael no thats M&S
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Geez.... well my proper name is Andrrew meaning Manly (my wife can vouch for that but hey! to much info...), Courageous and Brave(!), and its origin is Greek.

.... but 99% of the time I get called Andy. My wife only calls me Andrew if I've wound her up or something. Oops.
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Old 07 December 2006, 23:07   #43
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Andrrew originates from Greek? there is the word "anthras" that means man... interesting...
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Old 07 December 2006, 23:52   #44
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No prize for guessing my real name...

Last name is Davis though, Welsh I believe
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Mick, just plain old Mick. Although I have actually had my name changed.
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Laurent (comes from the latin "laurus", meaning laurel, one of Apollo's symbols)
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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after reading this thread I just had to post...

my name


I did a quick search online, ( i belive my great grandmother had a hand in my name lol) as the following

Keith : <celtic / gaelic> : Warrior Descending / from the battlefield

(wich is pretty awsome lol and ironic as i am about as scottish as a london cockle.... hang on.... i think on my fathers mothers side..heh...)
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George - Name is of Greek origin, means farmer or earth worker.
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Like I already said, your name is DESNALD!
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Old 08 December 2006, 03:21   #50
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i think Marco means "marked", "branded" derived from latin. where do you got the "warlike" meaning from? there's the greek derived italian Macario, greek should be Makarios? that means "blessed", "happy" or the greek verb "machomai", substantive "machia" that means "i fight" "fight"
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erm, Tim .. unless you want my alter ego, Chris Hicken

The boy's name Timothy is pronounced TIM-oh-thee. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "God's honor." Biblical: Timothy was an energetic, well-trained young Christian who was a companion of Saint Paul, who wrote to him, "Let no man look down on your youth."
from babynames .com i think
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Jason (duh!) = healer / Mother : Australian Father : English
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There are several sites that has their own idea of what names means, from http://www.thinkbabynames.com my name means "edge". The name Kent was most popular in 1940-1960.

From http://www.babynamesworld.com my name means "shiny"

There are many sites.. here's a big list of sites http://www.trinity.wa.edu.au/plduffy...ages/names.htm
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Originally Posted by spajdr
Marek .. in english Mark

Jee ostravak!

My name is Jan booring...
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Ok, my name is Udo.
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John, but hardly a secret I believe it's of Hebrew origins, meaning "God's gracious gift" or "God is gracious". Something like that.
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Big grin

Originally Posted by jasonver2.0
Jason (duh!) = healer

The one who said so obviously never watched any "Friday the 13th" movies !
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Into the Wonderful
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My name is Teppo which doesn't really mean anything specific.. just a name.

Most of the finnish first names don't have any significant meaning, but there are some exceptions though...

Interestingly, I found out a while back that my name "teppo" phonetically translates to "gun" in japanese..
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