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Old 17 October 2006, 00:43   #1
Magno Boots
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What is a 'full soak' ?

I once had a problem with my A1200, so sent it away to get repaired.
The receipt stated that they had given it a full soak.
What does this mean?
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Old 17 October 2006, 00:51   #2
Ya' like it Retr0?
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I am praying that it doesn`t mean a wash cycle at 50c with added softner...
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Old 17 October 2006, 01:05   #3
Magno Boots
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Nice one Zetro
Even Danny Baker said that the keyboard was whiter than white when he nipped round for a Daz challenge!

Seriously though, the problem was found to be the accelerator, as the problem reoccured soon after the machine came back - 'just wiggle the card a bit' was the telephone response. It worked.

So.. I paid for a full soak without them even opening the machine up.
Hence the question, what did/should they have done?
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Old 17 October 2006, 07:13   #4
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Have no idea what "full soak" can be.... but a google image search turned up an image of a lady sitting infront of a computer and the text under the image is: "... working including a full soak".. and it doesn't look like a washing company.. more like a library...

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Old 17 October 2006, 08:18   #5
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when I've heard the term 'full soak' it's generally meant the device has been left on for at least 24 hours solid and has been set to perform some automated complex tasks so that 'all' components get a work out - if it's going to break then the idea is it does it while still in the repair shop.
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Old 17 October 2006, 10:07   #6
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soak test: testing for crashes and expected behaviour for a longer period of time.
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Old 17 October 2006, 14:34   #7
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sometimes called a hot soak test .

the longer its left on to run at its opporational tempature the better chance you have of finding the fault,
or to make sure that it will run for a long period without breaking down.
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Old 17 October 2006, 14:34   #8
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A bath with some radox bubbles
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Old 17 October 2006, 16:45   #9
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a bath with fred.
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Old 17 October 2006, 18:05   #10
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A "soak test" is the electronics industry term for leaving a repaired device operating for a good length of time, usually under full working stress, to determine if the fault(s) have been cured.

When applied to a brand new piece of equipment straight off of the assembly line, it is referred to as a "burn in test".
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Old 17 October 2006, 18:44   #11
Targ Explorer

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Google "im feeling lucky"

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Maj. Voodoo

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Full soak is how Dizzy likes to test Fred - looong and painful.
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Old 18 October 2006, 02:49   #13
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I thought a full soak was something you do in a heat sink. :P
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