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File system: SFS 1.263

"Jörg Strohmayer has published a new version of the alternative file system SFS for AmigaOS 3:
  • Removes AmigaOS4-only memory types from de_BufMemType if not running on OS4, that way partitions configured to use an OS4-only memory type like MEMF_PRIVATE can be mounted on AmigaOS 3.x as well.
  • Removable media support was broken in 1.262, fixed."
Website: http://strohmayer.org/sfs/

Source: amiga-news.de/en

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SFS2 2.1 (18.2.2006)
- Support for files > 4 GB added.

this is not correct it doesn't work here...

using SFS2 2.3 m68k

just checking my 8 gig partition...

SFS\02 0x53465302

it does what it always does... once it hits just past 2 gig it begins indicating a negative number and once it goes into 4 gig and finishes around there I have a file listed around 137k...

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oh yes... perhaps there isn't software that'll display it properly, the thing is when using the software that is supposed to read the completed 4 gig to burn the image it gives me an error...

which leads me to believe the 4 gig file or > 2 gig file isn't being constructed properly... anything under 2 gigs etc is read via this program fine...

anyway, I'm just about ready to give up on this myth... who needs larger files!? we just need something that'll merge split ones
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