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Old 07 December 2001, 18:03   #1
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hippie2000 wrote on UAE Board
Aminet demo warning for UAE users (sick!)

VIRUS ALERT. demo/aga/AME-DSD.lha and demo/aga/PSL-KMJ.lha delete everything on SYS: if used in UAE
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Old 07 December 2001, 18:27   #2
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Thumbs down Not another Aminet Virus attack!

It's had a few attacks already throughout the past couple of years. Why do morons intend to keep on screwing it up all the time?
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Old 07 December 2001, 21:03   #3

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I'm guessing but I imagine he put that in there because he was posting on the UAE board, I bet it affects real Amiga's as well
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Old 08 December 2001, 00:19   #4
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As you can detect which kind of amiga hardware you use, it's possible to detect if you use a real amiga or an emulator. For example, i think the identify.library detect if you're running under UAE or not but i can tell a bullshit.
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Old 08 December 2001, 00:48   #5
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It could also be an exploit of a bug in UAE. It does have it's bugs though it does the job of acting like an Amiga very well. It still does have differences. Maybe there's a hole somewhere which could be exploited.
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Old 08 December 2001, 03:51   #6
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No need for a hole. It's actually quite easy to recognise emulators.
Check Aminet for "UAE" and you'll find several files explaining how
to do that.

If you consider how much some Amigans hate emulators, it's easy to
imagine that somebody writes a virus directed towards UAE users.
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Old 08 December 2001, 04:12   #7
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As you know some people use UAE for emulating Amiga. I don't like this.
I wanted to know is there any solution to detect is program is runned on real
or emulated Amiga
He -doesn't like this- and provokes some lamers to write viruses against uae users. what's wrong with these people?

In UAE you can have few expansions cards :

- Fast Memory
- Zorro III Fast Memory
- Graphics Card
- HDD Controler

My procedure checks is there any of those cards and if any of them will be
found the emulated Amiga will be HALTED.
What the hell? This program *is* actually a virus and it can be found on aminet

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Old 08 December 2001, 15:23   #8
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VHT (Virus Help Team Denmark, the Amiga's most important Anti-Virus effort) today announced that
they identified the virus. The following text was found in the infected archive:

> Warning!!! UAE System for lamers detected!!! - System will reboot after mouse button...
> run c:delete s:startup-sequence force quiet >NIL:
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Old 08 December 2001, 18:57   #9
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I've sent a mail to Urban Müller and asked him to check uae detection tools on aminet and take appropriate action against them. I'm not sure what his reaction will be but maybe more e-mails can convince him.

Old 16 December 2001, 04:23   #10
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good news

I recieved a mail from Urban Müller. He says he has removed the UAE detection tools from aminet.
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