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Interview with Bill McEwen, CEO at Amiga Inc

Interview with Bill McEwen, CEO at Amiga Inc
Author: Vidar Langberget.
Posted : 2006-10-04

See: http://www.templeoftech.com/viewarti...id=62&pageid=1

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Is there anyone who believes this that isn't commited in a sanitarium by now?

AmigaOS5 better than MacOSx.

Wake me up when they get bankrupted, sell the furniture, funnel all assets back to a third world hell hole, and produce a new wave of vapourware only the most purely deluded naivettes buy into... yet again.
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BM>> I would prefer not answering this at this time. As we are ready to release more information it will become a much clearer picture.
He didn't only say this once. Maybe he's really a bot ...

While external events played a big role in the outcome, to me it's obvious that Amiga made a bunch of mistakes at the time (Amithlon for example)
Amithlon a mistake??!
Is that interviewer on crack?
Rather the management was a "mistake." The product was great, and the programmer (Bernd Meyer) was a skilled guy, who - according to his own blog - was ripped off beyond the measure by the "publisher."

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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you dont think they bought up that indian company to do what they did at gateway do you?

transfer licesnses and do a runner: ooops... did i say that out loud?

you can read all about in a soon-to-be-not-released book "How we conned a community" by Fleece-you-mossy & Bill ( S.Preston ) McEwen Esquire. (wild stallions!)

sheesh... i can only hope that i am proved wrong.
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Originally Posted by Zetr0
you can read all about in a soon-to-be-not-released book "How we conned a community" by Fleece-you-mossy & Bill ( S.Preston ) McEwen Esquire. (wild stallions!)

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I have never read so much bullpoop in all my life... actually yes I have - IN THE DYING DAYS OF AMIGA FORMAT (UK)!!!!

This guy has nothing. I have no idea how they're paying for all this - no bank in their right mind would give Amiga a loan given their proven hack background. Having a pop at people who mod their Amiga 1000s is not the best business plan in the world; though I guess it is working for Apple and their iPod.... oops did I say Pod? Dammit, where do I send the license check to?

This guy doesn't even have a product. He doesn't have a goal. He throws around all these fancy terms like "scalable" and "memory protected"... and this magical piece of software is going to run on more than one CPU architecture?

I think the best he could hope for is a couple of contracts to make some embedded instruction sets for washing machines!

Seriously, if Amiga (and/or their partners) came out tomorrow with some brand new hardware a nice flashy OS and a free bouncing ball with Amiga written on it, would you pony up a grand for it? Only to have them run for the hills a week later when you've got a nice spanky new amiga and zip all to run on it!

It just sounds like he wants what Microsoft has! And in all honesty, like em or not, old Billy boy has the market covered! You walk into any office or home in the country. 999 times out of 1000 its going to be a PC running windows! The other 1/1000 are either macs or whatever else...

I don't really know what he wants to achieve. I don't think even this guy knows! And why the hell is Fleccy Moss still alive? Surely he's gone off to hide in his hole again?
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