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Old 17 September 2006, 19:22   #1
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SAS C - Can't install patches

Hi, trying to install SASc 6.5x on WinUAE hardfile under KS/WB3.1

I have the 6.50 adfs and 2 different downloads of the patch lhas to 6.58.

The original install to harddisk/file appears to work without a hitch and I have added the assigns to user-startup but the 6.55 patch install always fails with the following log -

******* Installation Log *******
User Level: EXPERT
Pretend: No

>Choose where the 6.55 patch should be applied.
Ask Choice: User selected "Hard Disk".
COPYFILES: Problem with source file/drawer in line 25.
Error not Trapped!!!
The 6.50 disks fail to install to floppy with a similar message.
I can make the 6.55 patch floppies but they fail with the same message. Could I have dodgy images or archives or am I doing something wrong. I just unlha to ram: and run the patcher. Thanks for reading.
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Old 17 September 2006, 20:17   #2
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Relabel your HDD so that it does not have a space character in its name (just a guess).
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Old 18 September 2006, 03:37   #3
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Umm, there is no space, the "hard disk" in the log is just the name of the choice not the name of a directory. I tried renaming it to work: which is the default for installation but no difference.

I've also tried this on a real amiga now with the same result. As soon as I hit proceed after selecting hard disk it says

sorry... an error has occured!

COPYFILES: problem with source file/drawer
DOS error type: unable to locate a file or drawer

I used all the defaults for setup. The patch install script wants "makegst" on the SAS disk which is not there. I guess this also causes the floppy install to fail. What is this prog&why might it not be where expected. It's not on any of the other disks either.
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Old 18 September 2006, 20:21   #4
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Hmm, i downloaded a different disk1 from planetemu and it does indeed have makegst and several other files missing from the adf I used.

So now I run can run the patch with new disk one but gets lots of 'wrong version' or 'can't open file' errors on all the other disks, (disk 1 stuff patches fine) so I think I must have corrupted downloads. It seems strange to me that the installation worked at all in that case.

I know this has been asked a lot already but hopefully one of you kind people could zone those adfs so I can try again. Would be much appreciated
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Old 23 September 2006, 08:12   #5
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at various times I have uploaded a preinstalled hd version already patched to 6.58...

it resides on one of my 40g hds that isn't connected currently... perhaps someone who downloaded it one of those times could upload it for you?
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Old 07 October 2006, 12:16   #6
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Hi :-)

even if it's not too visible, the originals install disks are protected in a maner or another :-( you can make all patching whereever you want if you have the original disks but never with copies of it.
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