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Old 22 August 2006, 11:15   #21
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I live in the UK and TNZS has many flaws
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Into the Wonderful

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Bah, youre just a misery who doesnt play cutesy platformers
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Old 25 August 2006, 01:10   #23
Hungry Horace
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yes i have played the Japanese Arcade version.... although similar there are still some quite noticable differences.... and the other ones (world versions etc) are just so wrong! dont even get me started on "rainbow islands extra" that appears on the same PSP taito compilation!

and i agree with Dast.... cutsey platformers rock!
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Old 14 August 2008, 21:29   #24
Hungry Horace
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i now have NZS for the DS.

its not quite as ugly as the screenshots made out. The levels are loosely based on the originals but are all a bit managled up.

gameplay is slower with fast bit like the arcade original, rather than consistantly faster like the amiga version.

Its fun, but it's not as good. there's a lot of silly gimmicks with the touchpad that seem a bit pointless though.... a tight-rope balancing bit for example, and some 'spot the difference' bits that throw you when you find them (the gameplay just continues on the other screen, which you've just spent the last few minute -not- looking at)

it's not as bad as the new versions of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, but in general i'll be sticking to the amiga version i think. i'd like to give the DS's 'vs' mode a go though
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Old 14 August 2008, 21:57   #25
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Charming and great game NS.I liked the Amiga version best even over the Arcade which was obviously better technically but this may have been because i played it first.Excellent conversion

Wonder if this new version will capture some of the original magic
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Old 14 August 2008, 23:01   #26
Hungry Horace
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level 2-4 boss is a spider and not an octopus

and its almost as hard as the octopus in the ZX Spectrum version (edit: oh wait, i think i've realised what i'm not doing... i bet its easier now, lol)
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Old 20 August 2008, 23:00   #27
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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
how about Robodrom (1993 unfinished Amiga game) for DS ? :>

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Old 20 August 2008, 23:11   #28
Gets there in the end...

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I have NZ Story on my DS, well the CPC, Speccy and Megadrive versions! ;-)
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Old 25 December 2008, 02:23   #29
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good New Zealand Story "remake" for PC: http://www.retroremakes.com/comp2008...sTale_AGW1.zip (22.6MB)

good playability but gfx should be little better
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