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Concerning converting and viewing animations and movies on Amiga and PC

Need a guide on these:

1. Watching GIFs in Personal Paint on Amiga:
I've heard here and there, that it is possible, but i was unable to.
Any special datatypes required?

2. Watching/converting other animation/movie files on Amiga:
Mpgs/Quicktime for example (No DiVX/Xvid with my config )

3. Watching/converting Amiga specific animation/movie file formats on to a PC (without using WinUAE!)
I'd like to convert some anims (my old ones for example) from DPaint or PPAint to a directly viewable format on a PC
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1. Make sure you have personal_gif_io.library in PPaint's Libs directory. If not, get it from there: http://www.aminet.net/package.php?pa...oan/PPaint.lha

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I am trying to play some movies (avi and mov) on Action but they say the formats/compression are not supported.

What encoding settings are supported by Action for avi and mov files?
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Originally Posted by Smiley
What encoding settings are supported by Action for avi and mov files?
None ? =)

Really apart from the videos that cames on the AmigaOS CD I never found any video *in real life* that Action can read. :/

I use FroggerNG, it eats almost anything I give him...
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