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Originally Posted by sink
nothing is impossible!
Except getting this to work on a legacy-free PC, apparently. : : Any chance this (or an IPF reader) could be made to work with a programmable USB floppy controller (SMSC has one in their lineup)?
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Bah! I just scavenged an old floppy drive to put two in a machine to adf these disks I've acquired and find that there is only one floppy compatible power point.
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- Is it possible to write an Amiga, Commodore 64 or any other non-IBM disk
image back to a real floppy disk using a standard PC?
- NO. The trick used to read non-IBM disks cannot be used to write
those disks. The PC floppy disk controller (FDC) is not able, with
any trick imaginable, to write non-IBM sectors.
To go a little into more details, the problem is that the FDC always
encodes data into standard MFM, excluding any other kind of encoding
(for example GCR), and cannot write any other synchronization marks
than those of a standard IBM sector, excluding the Amiga track
does this mean that we can write Amiga disks on the PC one way or another?
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No, not without additional hardware (i.e. a Catweasel). The author of that document is not a native english speaker which is why the sentence is slightly confusing.
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Floppy cable

Hi all,
A bit late into this I know, but looking at pidarr's cable (19/09) it looks as though it's missing the twisted over bit.
I'm not 100% certain what lines get twisted, but working on old pc's at work, our floppy cables definately have a twisted over section, that will allow a second floppy to work from one controller.

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