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Wow! I can't believe that two years later this thread is still around!
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Those "Stag" disks never die
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Old 15 October 2008, 07:00   #103
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Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
There is another one called Betag. The name even sounds like an acknowledgement/tribute of Stag but the catch is that there is only the one disk in the "series".
Betag was made by polish group Beta Team, which later merged with Mystic.
they also made almost all computer gfx for polish tv during first half of nineties. I had two parts of these series in black&white and one in color with game mode
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Had to join for this. I really did not expect to find anything of merit when I Googled "Amiga Stag" but here we are. Reading these posts brought back some old memories and memories of some...ahem...sticky moments .

The reason for Googling in the first place was because of my hunt for Amiga music. I was trying to find a piece called "Full Metal Bass" and was pretty sure it was one of those Stag disks. Armed with some details here I searched and found it and a bunch of others too. It was composed by Nightlight and was on Stag 3.

If you're interested you can download an MP3 from here.
Old 13 January 2010, 23:07   #105
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I want that tune too, but it wasnt Nightlight, perhaps Nightflyer or so... Nlight was a dane, Nflyer was from Norway and a member of Subway then.

Anyone has that tune?
Old 16 January 2010, 15:28   #106
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Well Full Metal Bass was the one I was looking for. But there is another I'd like, the one that plays in Stag 2+ (actually Stag 6). Can't find it on www.paula8364.com.
Old 17 January 2010, 05:39   #107
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Nflyer was also from Narvik so i remeber why they used his song. Nlight was a member of Kefrens and it was his songs that was listed on the page you refered to even thou it doesnt work me.

Since I cant get hold of any Stag I just cant figure out which tune it is that im looking for. I remember that I wrote a piece for the 8th disk but it was never released. BnK stod for Blake and Krystal. If that 8th disk is ever to be released and you find Megamaid writing thats me

But that tune from the the Subway guy I want it.. Any chance of finding the stag series anywhere?

Best lads
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Cat freak
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this music thing reminds me of the people who cut up nude girl pics in magazines and pretend that's because of an interesting article at the back of the pic
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Old 17 January 2010, 16:30   #109
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So where can I download em then..? Im to lame to know how one of this emulators work, where can I find them plain and simple.

@Kada, det låter som om du har en fast tillgång, ge mig broder, I need that stag fix
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Download link for all Stag disks: Link
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Old 18 January 2010, 03:47   #111
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Thanx Hipoonius, dont know how I made it but I got it working even if I have no clue of winuae. Brought back some nice randy teenage memories..

But I now sorry lads I have to switch.. Hipoonius, i versionen på din sida är det så att texterna inte kommit med, jag kan liksom inte välja att se scrolltexterna el? Fattar inte liksom av detta o då var jag ändå top hacker en gång i tiden. How do I make those scrolls work.
Old 18 January 2010, 04:21   #112
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In some Stag disks the scroll text was off by default. You have to press F1-F2 to turn in on.
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Old 19 January 2010, 09:52   #113
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Cheers Hipoonius, got them all working.. Now while Im on it then, Soopytwist, you were wrong mate, that song in Stag 5 was indeed done by a Subway guy called Nightflight, but cant really figure out your tune since his is called Happy Hour.

But anyway, that all brought back some nice memories, maybe I should touch back to Morelove to see if Im still on the BnK memberlist

And Hipoonius, how about that Samantha Fox slideshow, wouldnt that be something for your site?

cheers all
Old 07 March 2010, 00:17   #114
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How do i get these without using one of those emulator thingies?
Isn't it somewhere to watch this online or using Windows XP/Vista/7?

Furthermore :
Does anyone know any of these movies that are featured in the stag disks?
Is there any official list?

I know one of them is a french movie from 1983 about a woman who was a private investigator and a nymphomaniac. Anyone know what this movie is called?

I also think one of them was called "Mystic Pieces" (Evil Angels 1989).
Anybody got that one?
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hi & welcome,
you have to use the disk-images with an emulator, winuae. if you are using the recording function of winuae, you can capture an .avi and dont have to emulate again.
just get winuae and google for the amiga-rom files - kickstart files.
i guess these disk should work with a default A500-setup ( you can choose this, from within winuae).
i cant answer the remaining questions - i simply have no clue, maybe someone else can/will do this.
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Old 07 March 2010, 18:38   #116
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Might be the wrong forum to ask in. There might be another 'retro forum' that is more appropiate for that kind of questions They have a lousy quality anyway But yeah, you can record them with WinUAE and never have to deal with it again.
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Old 24 May 2010, 17:19   #117
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LOL I almost forget those stag disks Stag Extra was first diskette I put into my brand new Escom Amiga 1200 I bought in 1995
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Old 31 December 2010, 15:43   #118
aka ThunderPeel2001
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I'm actually surprised that the two creators of this series have not reared their heads. Sure, it's probably a bit embarrassing, but the series was a bona fide underground hit. Not bad for pre-internet days
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Old 05 October 2011, 21:17   #119
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Sorry to bump yet another old thread! anyone wanna copy these for me! as i was a very young a500 user i never got to see this stuff! lol
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Originally Posted by prabmire View Post
Sorry to bump yet another old thread! anyone wanna copy these for me! as i was a very young a500 user i never got to see this stuff! lol
I have them. I'll upload them to the Zone for you shortly.

Edit: Done!

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