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Warcraft 2 freezes in ShapeShifter

I have an A4000 with 060 and run ShapeShifter with System 7.5.5.
Some programs freeze on ShapeShifter including Warcraft 2. All the freezing programs have in common that they need the CFM 68k Runtime Enabler extension. They also freeze in MacOS 8 which has this Runtime Enabler included in the OS itself.

I tried using ShapeShifter with and without CyberPatcher, turning on/off Superscalar and Branche Cache on the 060 and the Tooltypes Remap8k, Enforcer and NoCopyback. They make no difference...

Anyone know a solution ?
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depending on what kind of blizzard combo you have, perhaps you need to update your rom? I don't know if that would make any difference etc but on my 060/PPC for instance I run Fusion and never had anything crash...

never could find a working version of warcraft though let alone II... didn't look hard enough I suppose

I do disable 60 ns speed mode on my memory though...

my startup-sequence is pretty barren... not much goes on in there that isn't standard... perhaps a rom copier and an anti drive clicking program...

I've never used cyberpatcher or oxy etc... there is no need...

perhaps I would have if using imagine or what not all those years ago...

perhaps you need the newer 060 libraries? there are many variables one must address...

that is the beauty of AmigaOS
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Old 06 March 2006, 23:30   #3
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I also tried SetFPUExceptions OFF but that doesn't work aswell...

The freezing is a bit weird. I can still move the mouse pointer and access the menu's . Music still plays and you can still select the units and they still produce sound effects. You just can't move them anymore; it's just like a pause function! You can still save your game and sometimes you can quit Warcraft and return to the Finder. I have had this behaviour only on Apps that need the CFM 68k Runtime Enabler. (Warcraft I and II and Settlers II)

And oh yeah it's frustrating!!
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