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Wink Kickstart ROM

Hi up,
i am not asking for any kick roms.
My questions ist, that i found some kick roms
at my amiga collection, i've never heared before.

Kick1.4 , Kick3.5 alpha release , Kick3.6 beta release

Has anybody some informations about them????
Do they work???

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I've never heard of 1.4 and 3.6 (although I possibly have them Will have to check later)

3.5, afaik, is a hacked 3.1
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I remember back when I was still using Workbench 1.3.4 (I think it was 4...) there were alpha or beta copies of WB1.4 passing around on the boards...very buggy stuff. But I have never heard of Kick 1.4, so it may just be a fake.

I have
Kickstart 3.5 (40.071) (OS3.5) (Commodore) (1996)
which may be a hack as Amigaboy suggested. Kick 3.6? That's a new one on me...
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Old 08 November 2001, 17:12   #4
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I have also Kick1.4 and Kick3.5

Kickstart 3.5 (40.071) (OS3.5) (Commodore) (1996)
Kickstart 1.4 (36.015)(A500-A2000) Alpha Release 15 (Commodore) 1989

Both are working fine!!

Kickstart 3.6 was the new rom for the A1200 040 , that
was never released by ESCOM .
I would really get a copy of it Toxic.

;-) bye
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3.5 is a hack, we discussed this before. And perhaps 1.4 is Galahad's hacked 1.3 rom used in Relokick (referred to commonly as "kickstart 1.4"). Check its size and boot it up. Size should be 256KB and on bootup it should say Galahad somewhere.
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Old 08 November 2001, 18:45   #6
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I have two different versions of it.
I know, that some versions of this kickstart were spread thru the
scene 1989 , so i dont believe, that it is some faked version.
It has 512kb and Galahad is not mentioned!!!

Look at the Kickstart Screen and read the text!!!
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My Kick1.4 Version is for the A3000!
But i can not use it with WinUAE, does WinUAE not emulate the A3000?

Was Kick3.6 planned for the never released OS3.2??? Same problem as with the 1.4, non
functional at the moment, but anyway Bandit...
i can share my roms with you :-)

later on
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There are more than one version of Kickstart 1.4 ! I have two in my collection:

Kickstart v1.4 Alpha 15 (36.15) [256K] - works with WinUAE
Kickstart v1.4 Alpha 18 (36.2) [512K] - works with WinUAE too, but you have to load it with "ReKick"

But I've never heared something about Kickstart 3.6. I'm sure it is a fake or a hack.

@Toxic: I see you're from germany too. I have written a program that can identify any Kickstart. The program is in german but that should be no problem for you.

Follow this link if you want to try it:
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