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But if I was to think of all the Amiga hardware and upgrades I had spent over the last 20 years .... I am just too scared to think, but it was money well spent eh.
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£200+ so far and still rising fast.
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Not counting A500 items, (too long ago):

A1200 with 63mb hd and 1084s monitor - 300 euros, second hand.
Blizzard 1230 IV no fpu no scsi 8 mb ram - 230 euros
16 mb fast page sim - Don't remeber, but not that much.
Mouse - 4 euros
Keyboard interface - Don't remember
40gig hd - 50 euros (local peecee shoppe)
52x 32x 52x speed cd rewriter - 50 euros (local peecee shoppe)
2.5 inch to 3.5 inch hard disk kit (very good quality) - 12 euros (local peecee shoppe)

Total: 646 euros, round up to 700 euros to include items I don't remember.

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A1200 in 1992 £free (Xmas pressie!)
CD32 £199 in 1993/4
Apollo 1240 £200
Amiga Multisync 17" monitor 1995 - £200 - broke in 2000
Sqiurrel & CD-ROM £180

Then CD32 lost in house move 1997

Didin't dig out A1200 again until last year, didn't work!
Bought Another A1200 with 1240 & 20Gb, OS 3.9 & 3.1 ROMS, IDE 4-way CD-ROM £110 off ebay 2008. Stoppped working (motherboard issue? keeps reseting, corrupt graphics)...

So I built another working A1200 one out of these two brocken machines with the Apollo 1240.
This year bought:
32Mb SIMM £6
CF card £6

Will be upgrading apollo 1240 to 1260 £75
Want to buy Indivision

....And eventually NatAmi...if it's out this year.

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Old 26 May 2009, 14:19   #85
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ive spent way to much, but i cant help it, it my amiga, lol
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Eek I've spent quite a lot !

I started my Amiga experience only two years ago and since then I've spent some amount to get a full working A1200 system. This is a very closely to real price list, taken out from PayPal account

1) Amiga 1200, Rom Kickstart 3.0, Joystick, External CDROM, Mouse. It is also hardware modded : it includes an external ide port at the left side. = 128 Euros.
2) Amiga Video Port to VGA adapter = 15,00 Euros
3) External Scandoubler (To be able to use VGA multysinc monitor) = 21,60 Euros
4) Kickstart ROM 3.1 = 23,78 Euros.
5) 20 Gb, 2.5" Internal Hard Drive = 25,00 Euros
6) Microbotics XA1230 Accelerator, 32 Mb RAM, without FPU = 83,28 Euros
7) Netgear FA411 Pcmcia Network Card = 15,00 Euros (This card would fail a year later).
8) FPU for my Microbotics Accelerator = 12,00 Euros
9) Elbox Fast ATA Controller = 60,90 Euros
10) Ian Stedman's adapter to use ATX Power supply = 15,00 Euros
11) Fiberline FL-4680 Pcmcia Network Card = 19,00 Euros (to replace previous faulty Netgear Pcmcia Card)
12) 128 Mb SIMM for my XA1230 accelerator card = 23,00 Euros.
13) Iomega ZIP Drive Unit for File Interchange between PC and Amiga = 17,00 Euros
14) Apollo 1240 Defective Accelerator Card (Very thanks to Overdose) = 11,00 Euros

Total 469,56 Euros.

And probably this won't be the end, because I want to repair the 1240 accelerator and also want to buy an IndivisionAGA ...



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shipping over the pond is expensive

A500+ PAL, Scandanavian/Dutch keyboard (and maybe .de too. weird enter key shape) model $110
A500+ NTSC, $60 (because it was from a couple states over)
A4000, $384 2 MB chip RAM, 16 MB fast, 540 MB IDE Hard Drive, AmTrade HD-357 floppy drive, Mobo rev. B, Kickstart 3.0 [2x ISA slot + 1x Extended Video Slot] and really cool "Highflyer" case!
A570 (CDTV for Amiga 500), $130 :-O
games: about $1000... so far. u can download stuff too but um...
those are the things worth mention anyway. I also have PAL A520 and NTSC. They are worth Amiga mention. As is the external floppy drive that actually still works and reads discs.

A1000 $5* uneven trade done with dishonest going out of business Amiga store back in 1994. they gave me it and very little money for my A500 with a 50 MB HDD. $70 + the A1000

Commodore 1960 monitor! $140

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Having purchased a lot of my Amiga's and third party hardware back in the Amiga days it is a lot!

Some of the prices I can guess at and kind of remember are:

(?) = not completely sure on the price.

A600 - £199
A1200 - £299
CD32 - £299
Archos 330MB HDD - £299
1.3GB 3.5" internal HDD for A1200 - £?
4MB Ram expansion for A1200 - £179.99
1MB Ram expansion for A600 - £49.99 (?)
A4000 - £250 (second hand in 1996)
16MB ram for A4000 - £40 (ebay)
Philips Monitor - £199 (?)
Microvitic Multisync Monitor - £249 (?)
Power Computing external CD-Rom drive with Squirrel interface - £?
Power Computing High Density external floppy drive - £149
Rombo RT12 video capture unit - £99
SCSI Zip100 drive - £100 (?)

And that isn't everything I purchased, and doesn't include joysticks, mice, games and other software. However even estimating the blank prices above it comes to over £2500 for what is listed here. And to think I purchased most of this while still as School and college. Government grants were great!

And more recent purchases include:

Blizzard 1230 MK-IV 50MHz with FPU and 32 MB fast ram - £130
Buffered IDE interface - £11
A500 KS1.2 - Free
A500 KS1.3 x2 - Free
A500 Plus - Free
2MB PCMCIA ram expansion for A600 - £8
Replacement A600 motherboard - £10
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Old 18 June 2009, 06:47   #89
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500 Euros for my complete A1200 (in signature)....
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Old 04 July 2009, 11:17   #90
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Hey Guys,

In the past few years I have probably spent well over 5k on Amiga Parts. There is always that 1 rare part you want that was part of a system or a lot being sold on ebay. I have even bought out the remaining inventory of a dealer in my quest for the ultimate Amiga Parts. I ended up scoring a 2060 with 64megs of ram in a 2000 for a $99 buy it now on ebay...

I now have 7 2000s, 4 1200 desktops, 5 1200 towers, 2 3000s, 1 4000, 2 or 3 1000s and like 3 500s... With enough cool parts to put together a small museum. I also have 3 Commodore 128s, 5 64s that people keep giving me being the only Commodore guy everyone knows, a a ton of parts and add ons for all of them. All in all I am pretty happy with my collection, only missing a few key parts left. I could use a few scan doublers / flicker fixers, some 060s maybe. Possibly some usb cards and a Picasso 4 or 2 also... And I am still on the look out for a Mac Mini to run OS4.1 on, and maybe another 4000 to tower and deck out, mine has the soldered buster 9 on board...

everyone has their habits though, right?

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