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Thalion Webshrine
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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
1991: Amiga 1500, GVP HC8-2000 with 4mb and 100MB quantum disk 900ish
Don't suppose you got that from 1st computing in Leeds did you?

Saturday morning 1991, I phone up 1st computing and ask them if they have an A500 HD8+ external hard drive for A500. They say yeah they are 3xx! I ask them to reserve me one as I'd be driving 100 miles or so. They said there was no need because they had loads and being young and naive I believe him.

Dad and I take a 2hr drive to Leeds, get there about 12pm only to find out they have sold out! Fracking barstewards! All they have left are HC8+ Zorro cards!

Feeling sorry for me (or seeing a mug) they offer me an A1500 + HC8+ card for 700. 200 below normal price (albeit double what I went there to spend!) "But you can sell your A500 for 200! 500 where are you gonna get a better price than that?" they said.

It was the worst buy/deal of my life. An extra 100 for no functionality and the damn thing took up most of my desk!

From that moment on I've been striving to get the best deal on everything. It shaped my entire adult future as to how I look on money and people! Probably not in a good way
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Needs a life

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Alexh, I think we've had that conversation before
I used to work (part time) at Diamond in Leamington Spa... That's where the 1500 came from

I went to Uni in Leeds (92), and worked part time for First. It was probably Mark who sold it to you. Or Joe. It wouldn't have been Dave (who I still see occasionally) as he has a conscience
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Vegetable Lasagna
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I haven't the recollection necessary to calculate this precisely but I figure I've spent something in the $12-$15,000 Canadian dollar range but that isn't as bad as it sounds if you amortize that amount over 24 odd years. Can't put a price on happiness.
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Old 07 April 2009, 13:04   #64
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I think I spent some 2000 GBP for Amiga stuff during those years. I have some 800 GBP only in games, so the HW is some 1200-1500. Impossible to count.
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I guess I spent around 1200 euros, for Amiga 500 and 600, accessories, games (99% piracy), and thats a lot of money considering that my parent didnt support me at all (she would if she could). Where I stole the money?
After my comeback 20 euros? Maybe 25.
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Old 07 April 2009, 13:26   #66
Zone Friend

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my first Amiga 500 with 1MB without monitor but with A520 TV modulator - for free (as gift)
my second Amiga 500 with 1MB with Commodore monitor - for free (swapped for cheap rubber PC keyboard)
Amiga CD32 - for 75 EUR
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Old 08 April 2009, 21:13   #67
Posts: n/a
2999 for A3000T
1000 for a4000 ex demo Gordon Harwoods
550 Apollo 4060 direct from "ACT electronics" wonder how Steffan Christ is nowaday's
Oh to be an Amiga dealer again , halcyon days
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Oh well not as bad as some of you but (Since February this year)

A1200 KS 3.1 WB3.1 4GB HD - 100
Scandoubler 115
Easy ADF PCMCIA adapter 13
Competition Pro 17.99
Idefix Express 48.33
External 1.76MB floppy 15
CF to 44 pin ide adapter 2
Too many Fecking CF cards in order to find one that works with Idefix 75 or so
Typhoon Mark II 030 Accelerator 110
64 MB simm for same 18
Robo Shift 5 (joystick splitter)

So that makes (feckin lots) 519.32 (ish)

Thats not including the Blizzard 060 I bought yesterday for an arm and a fecking leg. Non PPC... 275. The PPC cards are just stupid.

And the two additional 1200's I have also acquired for about 100 total.

Probably Circa 1000 which is far too fucking much for an old system lol, however I shan't be happy till I've got it how I want it and I can always flog off the extras I guess.

Best value ? WHDownload key (however much it was)
Worst Value, probably "experimenting" with the CF cards and IDEFix. However now its working I have 16GB Storage

Bloody (old) computers

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Lesser Talent
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1 x Steak Dinner 18
1 x Bottle of Red 9
1 x Ice Cream 6

Seeing the smile on her face? Priceless.
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Big grin

Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
1 x Steak Dinner 18
1 x Bottle of Red 9
1 x Ice Cream 6

Seeing the smile on her face? Priceless.

You buy your computer a Steak dinner ?

yes I get the pun
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Old 09 April 2009, 09:15   #71
Lesser Talent
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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
You buy your computer a Steak dinner ?
Not now the credit crunch has kicked in

Seriously though, I bought an A1200T for around 200 a while back and that's about it. I ended up taking it apart and selling the bits I didn't want for around 200.

I've not really spent much else apart from the money for 2 zipsticks which wasn't a lot!
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Old 16 April 2009, 23:02   #72
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i would hate to think how much i spent im guessing at 2k all the games i bought my amiga 1200 system etc etc i havent used my amiga in about 2 years though. i did all my spending when the amiga was still a viable commercial system though. i bet if i bought what i have now on ebay it would be a whole lot cheaper
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Old 17 April 2009, 11:28   #73
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I don't even want to try to add it up... never quite understood these types of threads...

This year alone and it is a slow year, I've brought about 5 classic auctions around $2000 and a new SAM system... today I just finalised my new SAM Flex...

I think I'll just keep a running tally that started in 1986 and isn't likely to stop until my death ;-)
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Old 17 April 2009, 11:31   #74
needs more ice cream

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During the 1990's - probably upto 3000 on Amigas/Perhipherals and software.
2000 + - probably around 1000.
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Old 26 April 2009, 10:46   #75
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+$200 Usd
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Old 26 April 2009, 13:20   #76
Into the Wonderful

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400 - Amiga 500 Batman Pack
50 - 512kb memory upgrade
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Old 12 May 2009, 13:04   #77
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A500 250 (SH)
A500 half meg expansion 30

A1200 (NEW) 400
20 MB HDD (SH)30
480MB HDD (NEW) 180
030/50mhz 250?
8MB ram 120

squirel +SCSI 120
Tabby graphics tablet 40

After commodore went bust:
CD32 20
A4000/040/25 50

Bits and bobs: joypads/sticks/mice/games/apps/magazines CF adapter etc

The A1200 upgrades came out of my student loan for my graphic design course. They were a sound investment. I made a pikey copy of a Mac rom at uni, and ran mac OS on my miggy - faster and a lot cheaper than everyone else on my course who bought real macs. Gave me access to quark, photoshop and Illustrator, and I could still use Dpaint and lightwave!
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Needs a life

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Originally Posted by khph_re View Post
Tabby graphics tablet 40
Thank you
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Old 12 May 2009, 16:50   #79
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I only got my miggy about 4 years ago (my brothers owned one when I was young which I still remember), my current bill is:

amiga 1200 30
2GB HDD 15
ribbon cable 5
OS 3.1 5
OS 3.5 20
Kickstart 3.1 20
RAM 25
Mouse 10
external floppy 10
software/games- 30 (bulk)
PC transfer kit 10
amiga forever 30
Old 12 May 2009, 16:59   #80
Posts: n/a
Recently I just spent:

50 quid on an A1200 from Amibay

140 quid for an Indivision AGA about 4 months ago

140 quid on a GVP accelerator from Softhut with 16mb ram

= 330 quid haven`t told my wife yet though ...
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