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I've been buying TOO MUCH online and I don't recommend you venture into it unless you have the $$$ to spare

But. I'll tell ya what EBaying is like anyway.

You go to Ebay and you do a search (eg. Amiga) and you see all this cool stuff come up. You then see an item that you really want. You piss yourself with happiness cause it's a rarity that not even Twistin owns and it's going for $1US.

You decide it's really cool so you bid, then you find out Akira outbids you (bastard). Then a bid war errupts but you end up winning cause Akira isn't as elite as you.

You've won. You E-mail the seller saying "oi! Guess what! I won a rarity from you that not even Twistin has! The end price was $5 and the postage according to a previous e-mail (you should e-mail the seller first to resolve any questions) was $3. I'll be sending a money order for $8. What address should I send it to? Thanks"

Then the guy will reply saying "Twistin doesn't have this!?!? Maybe I shouldn't have sold it. Oh well. My address is
15 I have Rare Stuff Avenue
Beverly HIlls, California, 90210"

You then go down to the post office and go to the guy and say "Gimme a money order to this schmuck for $8 since I wanna get this rare game that not even Twistin has". He'll look at you like you're crazy and give you a money order. You put that into the envelope and send it off.

You then wait and wait for the game that not even Twistin has. When it arrives, you open it up, play it, then hop onto the EAB and tell Twistin you have a game that he doesn't

That's EBay in a nutshell
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Give up the ghost
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Amigaboy, that is just too funny. But you're right. That's it in a nutshell! I haven't bought anything from ebay in months, although I surf it every week just to see what's there. I cringe at some of the rarities I am missing (especially all of the German titles cropping up lately) and occasionally I will bid on a juicy lot (only to be crushed by some bloke with deeper pockets than I...) I spent a lot of money buying games there, but my per game average is still very low. It's just that our economy is very bad here in the states right now and I have to be careful what I waste my money on. (sigh)
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Old 02 November 2001, 06:03   #23
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Haha, yeah, that's quite it... it consumes quite the cash becasue you can find almost all you want! (unles you already spent zillions of dollars and the only thing you need now is a commodore 65 :P)

Talking about this bidwar thing... I think none of us have 'stepped' onto another one's auctions. At least I don't think so. I tend not to get onto bidwars anyway! I am patient and I dont want to spend that much cash...

Little by little Im buying all my fave Amiga games... after that's done I'll have to start amassing games just for the feck of it . That's the next level of sickness! Who got there already?
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Old 02 November 2001, 06:06   #24
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You wouldn't want to get into a bidwar with me, cause I always win

I never bid. I just monitor the item. Then, during the last 15 seconds, I put in my bid and win. Sniping at its best
Old 02 November 2001, 17:26   #25
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Yeah, sniping sucks when they do it to you, but rocks when you do it ;P

We will cross paths on eBay, await thy fate, mwahahaha
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Old 05 November 2001, 16:07   #26
RIP Friends
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This is what happens when you get the Ebay sickness
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Old 08 November 2001, 09:38   #27
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Hm, I suspect I have this too :-)
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Old 03 December 2001, 00:05   #28
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*Ulp* Guess I do have the first sickness... :hooooo

Oh, DPainter guy, is there a cure just in case?

@Paul: What exactly happens inside that ship to people infected with the EBay sickness?
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