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help needed finding and creating my new complation dvds

hi guys, im in the process of trying to create some amiga dvds containing every known amiga disk in existence. I want it to be bootable on an xbox, and to run on a pc also. Goiing to include the latest emus and configs.

So far, i have all of the

games upto tosec 0.27, and the update to 0.29
workbench disks
applications upto tosec 0.22
numerous whdload files

and loads of demos.

Basicly what i need from you guys is suggestions as to how i should put it all togethter, and also what im missing and should get. I was also hoping to ilcude magazine disks of which im currently getting and magazine scans of which im struggling to find.

One think i need to try and do is unzip all of the tosec archives i have and rezip each file so that they can be read in zip format by an emulator. Anyone know of a quick way of doing that?
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Woo Workbench disk and kickstarts

Don't you love people who pirate stuff that is still owned by someone else?

Don't worry though, Amiga Inc have no teeth, so you are safe.
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Well i still own a 600, 1200, 500plus and all the original disks that came with it. Fair enough, that would rule kickstart 1 out, but im hardly cripling amiga.
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This is NOT just a question of the OLD Commodore/Amiga copywrites your plan includes BUT a whole host of OTHER still active software & magazine royaly payment's as well.

Allthough I recognise your name from a previous time of joining this board, if this is going to be your sole reason for re-joining I cannot see your "WAREZ PROJECT" attracting support from any of the legitmate members of this board.

So I am going to close this thread & give you time to RE-THINK what your asking for, then come back with eiether a fresh idea that doesnt blatantly infringe the above facts, or spend time reading through recent threads that have touched on these issues.

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