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Using CatWeasel with sequencers?

Hi all,

I'm a bit of a SID noob, but I listened in wonder to the 8bit remix of Beck's 'Hell Yes' and fell for its lofi, bitcrushed loveliness . I've got a couple of questions and would be grateful to hear the collective wisdom of the forum...

It looks like some of you guys are using the CatWeasel primarily for the SID part of it. How does it compare with, say, the HardSID? Can you use a CatWeasel card straight off the bat with a sequencer (I'm using Cubase SX on the PC) so that all the control is dealt with in Cubase? Is the audio output of the Cat only internal (i.e. designed to output to the CD connector on a consumer grade soundcard) or can it be be used with something like an RME Hammerfall card?

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your views...


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As far as I know, you can't just use it with MIDI. After all, how would you setup your patches? You can certainly use it with SIDPlayers, but for creation, you need HardSID MIDI. I have no idea if the that Catweasel SID is identical to the HardSID at the lower levels. If the drivers are the same, then the MIDI stuff might work. You should ask on the HardSID site.
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FW, thanks for the info. I shall trundle along to the HardSID site and pester them. Cheers, AJ
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This is something I need to find out aswell, I shall trundle off in a bit and have a nose around the hard-sid site
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