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Originally Posted by Mungo
@Mods - Any chance of getting the 1 off of Birdy's username? He's the original article so should, in all fairness, have his original scene-name.
Birdy1 would need to send a PM to RCK as he is the only person who can do this

Edit: just took a look and there is already another member called Birdy so this will not be possible...

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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom

Good to see the old guys bobbing back in every now and then. I bet you can't believe Mungo and I are actually talking, and not throwing pint glasses at each other
lol - yeah - i do remember the spat about unity. And i know that the Unity idea was instigated in all good faith. Trouble was, cos you had 99.9% of the scene under 18 years old at the time, if there was a cause to start a flame war, then we (all of us) would, always take up the mantle and revel at the chance of a "ruck" (was it just us lot in the UK or were the guys in Denmark (Danish Gold anyone?) or Germany the same? - lol . I remember being mega pissed off that we werent invited in, but that was those days and like Mungo says, the smallest things mattered to us then - reputation was everything. In fact Ipec always fell under the shadow of its founder members, (Finnish and Swedish as i recall? - correct me if im wrong) - we were all budding coders / gfx artists / musicians who had been fortunate enough (via Tigger) to take on the great name. We tried to live up to it , and to i certain degree, in my opinion at least, did do. I absolutely lived for Ipec in those days. It sounds quite daft now, but ipec was everything to me / us. The whole scene thing was (and still is i have no doubt) unique and something i will always hold dear to my heart. Was an honour and a pleasure to be a part of, and it was always based on friendship (even if we did fall out from time to time) - i remember writing three page letters to my contacts (Mungo / Majic - sorry if i bored you - he he) - not cos i had to , but because i wanted to. Superb days that i will never ever forget
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No worries, I always liked long letters

The UK wasn't unique in having scene wars: Angels vs Paradox, Quartex vs Paranoimia (Pretty global one if I recall), Zelnik vs just about everyone.... Far too many to accurately remember.

Yep, the scene was pretty good fun. The phone bills on the other hand...
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Hey all

Just a quick note to say this site has also had a makeover.

Like the Magic Pack site it's been redone, looks loads better too!

I've literally just gone live with it now, so you're the first to know

Hope you'll have a look, there might be stuff on there you still haven't got.

I'll be doing more work on it over time, got some things planned in Trello, so I'll get round to them as and when!

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