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Martin Shaw

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CD32 Compilations will not run on the CDTV, at least those compilations based on the Arcade Game Selector
As you can see it only supports AGA but the sources are available for anyone wanting to support OCS/ECS.
I can't speak for the Anarka compilations as i haven't tried them but i would guess on a standard CDTV you might be stuck for ram unless you upgrade.
I've thought about making a custom menu for the CDTV but i don't have a CDTV to do any solid tests with.
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Question In reply to gurulala

I am a little confused gurulala

The site your link tracks too is a major corporate one

Is this your company or is your eventual site, a proposed feature to be installed on its server, on a dedicated website ?

As the administrator of Rochabians server space, I would certainly like to know what other contribution's you also intend to link ?

Of course this board itself has an FAQ link showing its location, as well as a large number of other Amiga/Emu sites as well as Google etc carry its path.

And I do not doubt that Rochabian would be extremely happy if your intention was to mirror the downloads, as of course the the wider distribution, the greater the requirement of monthly transfer allowance.

But in the end it is down to the team themselves, not just my questions
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Yes woody57 it is my company and I like to dedicate some parts of my website for Amiga related stuff and maybe advertise little bit “I still fixing Amiga’s” not to much of market anymore here in Canada but it is good to do it sometime. I done Amiga’s only part time after closing my official Commodore service in former Yugoslavia in 93’ “stupid war ” and then moved to Canada. Unfortunately here is everything around F****R Bill Gets. I will check my download limits and maybe I can upload to my web to. The page is currently under development by my self and it will done aprox. in next month.

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Originally Posted by Rochabian
Well well, with the grateful help of Woody , my website is more reliable now........

CD32-444, CD32-888, CD32-200 and CD32 Games & Demos compilations are now online

Some other comps will follow........

-> http://www.rochabian.info
aw! I missed it again! grrrr! Anyone else have any mirrors? Or at least just a filename?

edit: Oh I read up in the other locked thread. THNX for all you have done for me and my CD32, I'll never forget your hard work. THNX for keeping my cd32 and love for Amiga alive. I hope you enjoy life no matter where it goes from here. In your honour I'll christen my cd32 'Rochabian'. Drop by for a game if you are in southern sweden or denmark.


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I'm afraid I have now closed this thread too!

It seems that all these compilations contain an illegal whdload keyfile, and as the eab doesn't support the distribution of commercial/currently developed software these compilations have become w*rez

Please do not request any of these compilations on the EAB one of the mods will simply lock the thread and move it to trash.

Shortly there will be a new CD32 compilation that will hopefully be created with approval and help from the whdload team.


The EAB team

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