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Retro GhostGS
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New Downloadable Retro Mag- GS-R

Myself and small team over at Gamestyle.com have been working on a Cyber Punk themed Retro magazine and it now finsihed. It features pieces on Flashback, Chaos Engine and BASS among other retro titles across differant systems. Being such decent games in the Amiga scene I thought some of you may be interested in it.

The direct link to the download (6.6 meg) is


The link to the website is


then scroll down and click on the banner of GS Retro to download

I would really appreciate any feedback any of you could give on the content and design of the magazine. So feel free to post what you think of it.

I hope you enjoy reading it (best results in 100 percent magnification)

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I have to admit it is pretty damn professional!!!!!

Well put together with balanced statements and comments, I like the crossing over for multiple platforms for one genere, (i noticed you didn`t revise BloodNet (amiga) any specific reason?) if not sure check out HOL, its one of my favourite CP based games.

As an avid CP fan (i have the CP RPG 2020 and Shadow Run and Dark Future *bad game though but can be fun with beer and loaded dice lol* )

But all in an impressive piece of work, from art work to arrangement, from content to cover i would say a High 97% Gold star rating (not that my rating means much other than i have printed it out to show some of my CP loving chums )

I would say your work (and that of your team) have most certainly achieved what best to be describe as a most AWESOME PRIMER for the Cyber-Punk verse.

I have to admit i look forward to another installment, will there be one? bi weekly ? monthly? will you be looking excplicitly at games ( computer ) or are you including films / TV and other entertainment are you looking at possibly interviews with designers and game engineers (perhaps RPG as well as computer games ???).

I believe you and your team could be onto somthing quite big since there has been little in the journalism or even reviewing upon this subject for what seems and age.

Best of luck Garth and to those there at GS RETRO keep up that quality its awsome!

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Retro GhostGS
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Thanks its good to hear a few people are likeing this, though i ahve to admit our downlaods are quite low, so if anyone wants to spread the word please do. The next issue is being thought about now. But time is always a problem, especially for my design team so i don't know when it will be out. Certaing ames we just couldn't get in for one reason or anther and a few thigns ahd to be dropped, though a revisit of the cyber punk genre is in my thoughts in future, so hopefully i can tie up some lose ends.

Any other thoughts from people? if there is anything people don't like feel free to say, it is all a learning experiance. Though of course we prefer the love.


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