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Isn't the extension changed from MPG to DAT?

I'm pretty sure that Nero adds a little extra data to the start of the MPG so that players like the CDi understand them, not so sure whether DVD players need this extra info but I do know that ALL of the official VideoCDs that I have are not plain MPG files!!!

AVSEQ01.DAT in MPEGAV folder.

Though you CAN still play the files on a PC without any conversion.

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Hey Guys....

What does everyone recommend to me then, converting DVD to VCD or DVD to Div X?
What software would you recommend using in each instance? (where could I get it from)
If I bought a DVD from America, is there anyway I can convert it to play on a normal DVD?(thats if I convert to VCD)
I've heard that the software DeCSS is the best software available, but isn't it illegal. Has anyone got a copy they could email to me? (depending on how big the file is)

Thanx again
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DeCSS is now quite outdated,
smartripper is the best ripping program that ive come across
u can get links to the software and guides on how to rip and convert from this site: http://www.dvdripguides.com/

IMO its easier to convert to VCD than it is for DiVx, but thats just my opinion
Old 22 April 2001, 16:18   #24
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Thanks Torch, I'll go with your opinion, I'll give it a try tonight, I'll let you know how things come out.

Once again thanx for the info!!
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some dvds that ive ripped have had problems with the lip sync, austin powers was one of them
the movie would play ok upto around where the 2nd vob file would have been, and then the lip syncing was really bad
however for the most part ive had success
Old 24 April 2001, 09:50   #26
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Hey Guys?

I've got a question for you.
Does anyone know anybody who actually sells SVCD's?
Are there any web sites with anyone selling these disks on?
I'm after SVCD's not the VCD's.

Thanx in advance

If anyone wants to keep these details quite, they can contact me through Private messaging.
Old 24 April 2001, 09:55   #27
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I've seen places where you can download movies, but it would take forever with my internet connection.

I've actually seen that there is a collection of the series -Transformers. I'd love to get my hands on this collection. It wouldn't half bring back memories.
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To make Zeewolf feel at home but mainly because I know Im going to get a DVD player that plays VCDS for my birthday next month. Ive decided to ressurect this thread..

Question I have..

Ive got some avi's and mpegs and need to know what to do to convert them into the avseq.dat file that you find on vcds.

I know how to convert VOBS etc as I had a go a long time ago (5 years!) to mpegs. Its just the mpeg --> vcd format I need a refresher about.

For all you people living in the UK, the new DVD/VCD player that Im getting is sold by Tiny (people who sell computers) and they had on sale last week for £99!! It also plays mp3s etc...
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Old 21 February 2002, 18:18   #29
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I think that's something done by your burner software mostly. At least when I want to burn an MPEG to a VCD it converts it for me.

There might be some other way.

www.vcdhelp.com is a good place to look for conversion of most kinds of video.
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Old 21 February 2002, 20:22   #30
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Probably the most useful tool out there for making the various formats 'VCD ready' will be TMPEnc2, which will not only make MPEG files VCD compatible, but also convert avi's and such to the format needed (which is a particular flavor of mpeg). It also allows you to fix the resolutions for NTSC and PAL, so for that alone, it is invaluable. It's out there in netland, so just search for it. Everybody who burns VCD's uses it.
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Old 22 February 2002, 10:42   #31
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Thanks for the info guys
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