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pure bit not set?

Hi guys,
I'm running an amiga 500 type setup in winuae, with wb1.3 and a harddrive.
Things go fine for a while and then when the amiga boots up, I get a pure bit not set message a few times in a row at the end of the startup messages. Anyone know what's messing up or what I can do to set it? My fix so far has been to keep a backup of my hard drive directories and then just recopy the whole thing when it messes up and start over from scratch.

Here is my startup-sequence file:

c:SetPatch >NIL: ;patch system functions
Addbuffers df0: 10
cd c:
echo " "
echo "*e[33mWelcome!*e[0m"
play wb1.3:c/effect4
echo " "
echo "Now booting your Amiga Workbench. Release 1.3.2 version 34.28"
Sys:System/FastMemFirst ; move C00000 memory to last in list
echo " "
SetClock load ;load system time from real time clock (A1000 owners should
;replace the SetClock load with Date
echo " "
echo " "
echo " "
resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM pure add; activate Shell
resident c:Execute pure
mount newcon:
failat 11

run execute s:StartupII ;This lets resident be used for rest of script
wait >NIL: 5 mins ;wait for StartupII to complete (will signal when done)
SYS:System/SetMap usa1 ;Activate the ()/* on keypad
path ram: c: sys:utilities sys:system s: sysrefs add ;set path for Workbench

LoadWB delay ;wait for inhibit to end before continuing
run >nil: <nil: wb1.3:c/shortcut.extra

endcli >NIL:


Some of the problem might be in my startupII file so here it is as well:


resident c:Resident pure
resident c:List pure ;pre-load LIST and CD
resident c:CD pure
resident c:Mount pure ;the next 3 are loaded for speed during startup
resident c:Assign pure
resident c:Makedir pure
;make IF, ENDIF, ELSE, SKIP, ENDSKIP, and ECHO resident if
;you use scripts much, and can afford the ram.
;also make Failat, WAIT, and ENDCLI resident if you use IconX a lot
assign wp: wb1.3:wp/
assign print: wb1.3:wp/print/
assign hole-in-one: wb1.3:games/hole-in-one/

makedir ram:t
assign T: ram:t ;set up T: directory for scripts
makedir ram:env ; set up ENV: directory
assign ENV: ram:env
makedir ram:clipboards ;set up CLIPS: assign
assign CLIPS: ram:clipboards
relabel drive RAM: name RAMDISK
copy wb1.3:ramicon.info to RAMDISKisk.info
mount speak: ;just mounting doesn't take much ram at all
mount aux:
mount pipe:
resident Mount remove ;if you have enough ram, keep these resident
resident Assign remove ;by removing these lines
resident Makedir remove
break 1 C ;signal to other process its ok to finish

Any help would be great!
Thank you!
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The resident command complains if a file to be made resident does not have the pure bit set.

Either take care that the protection bits are copied properly from the Workbench disk, or just ignore the messages.
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Old 03 September 2005, 22:52   #3
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Firstly, if you're using emulation, why would you bother with WB1.3 over WB2+? WB2 is so much more friendly than WB1.3!

Anyway, if you can't fix the protection bits on those files like so:

protect c:resident +p

then change each resident line in the startup sequence so it has >NIL: on the end - then you will not see the error messages appearing. eg:

resident c:Assign pure >NIL:

Pure programs are written in a certain way that they use no local variables - everything is allocated off the stack. That way, the same command can be run multiple times in memory with only one copy of the command.

Anyway, all those resident programs are only used a few times during startup anyway, so the other alternative is simply to nuke all those resident commands. I doubt you'd notice any difference with your hard drive loading to be honest.
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Old 04 September 2005, 00:43   #4
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Thank you guys!

Answering the question why wb1.3 over 2-

On my real a500 I had wb1.3, so it's a nostalgia thing. I converted my real wb1.3 disk to adf. Plus 1.3 icons always look wierd on 2. Plus with 1.3 I've got a lot of cool little toys- like wallpaper (via dropcloth), a start menu (via shortcut- I think came out in 1987 or 88) similar to what windoze came up with finally in win95 several years after (1995) wb1.3 had an app to do that, I've got a couple of themes for the window appearances (simple but cool), lots of mouse pointers including animated ones, magic wb1.3 if I ever want it (I have it but haven't set it up because I'm lazy to convert all the icons to look right), and a couple dozen other little things. It's sort of fun to mess around with because it's fun to see how much you can squeeze and tweak out of such a primitive OS. I'm sure a lot of it can be done on 2.0, but I never used it in the day. Maybe sometime I'll check it out. For now I like 1.3 and really like the 3.1 stuff like amigasys (but the hard drive converted games don't always work 100% right- little bugs that the floppy images on wb1.3 don't have) and will probably get 3.9 soon. So it's just a nostalgia/tweak happy sort of thing.

Anyway, I'll try the suggestions this evening. Thank you again for your help!
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Thank you again guys. I recopied the files made resident off of my original wb disk and everything's fixed now. Wonder why the files protection bits change so I get that error message after a while?
Anyway, I recon if it happens again I'll just delete those resident commands from the startup sequences. The harddrive is probably pretty fast anyway. I use IconX quite a bit and doesn't seem to slow things down even though those commands aren't resident.

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