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Maj. Voodoo

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Amstart CPC and ZX Spectrum kind of remind me of Sega GameGear and Nintendo GameBoy - while one is in many way superior machine, other one lived much longer and had much more to offer in games...

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The C64 is a beast when it comes to games. I would compare it to the CPC 464 only for trolling

The 464 has better colors, vibrant, arcadey, and that's it. No tv out, way too slow, awful sound and was ugly and expensive with bad games.
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
The C64 is a beast when it comes to games. I would compare it to the CPC 464 only for trolling

The 464 has better colors, vibrant, arcadey, and that's it. No tv out, way too slow, awful sound and was ugly and expensive with bad games.
I have a TV out on my 464, 6128. A good cable bought at retro computer schak, and i don't have to use the CPC monitor, it goes peritel

Next, its sound is better, because the CPC is a stereo wired machine, compared to the ST which use the same chip and wired in mono.

We also have on it legendary tunes, the C64 is not an exception
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impressive Galactic Tomb [ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
impressive Galactic Tomb [ Show youtube player ]
All I see is seizure-inducing, choppy movement.
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Yeah, the usual 7-10 frames stuff in a tiny display.
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Yes. You need some kind of magnifying glass when playing CPC games.
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8x8 pixels (attribute) "scrolling" of a postage stamp - if you can call it that
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Walk Off? Boolander!
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""impressive Galactic Tomb""

Yet another unplayable mess on the CPC due to tiny display and a poor 5fps.
It also requires the user to wear sunglasses to prevent damage to the eyes.

Seriously what is impressive about it? I would like to know?
There are dozens of C64 games that were made 25yrs ago that are technically better and much more playable.

I don't understand how CPC fans can be so deluded to think jerky games are superior and more playable.
It's not just about colour and palettes, smooth gameplay and high framerates are the most important factors in making a good game, and is why the C64 won the 8bit computer wars!

The popularity of the CPC in France is insignificant compared to the worldwide domination and popularity the C64 had.

As for sound, there is simply no comparison to the legendary Sid chip and i find it hilarious that people think the CPC could compete on sound quality!
Hubbard, Galway etc, enough said!
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The SID is indeed far, far nicer. That said, some really quite nice tunes where created for the AY chips as well - some by the same people you named
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Honestly, do you C64 fanboys have to crash this thread and be a darn side rude to those whose opinions dare to be different to your precious own? If you don't appreciate the CPC then just take your opinions elsewhere. You prefer the bread bin, with its pastel colours - fine, but kindly talk about it on fricking Lemon64. I for one prefer AY tunes to the SID, whether that's on the ST or the CPC, and I'm entitled to my opinion. I don't care if you outnumber me to the Nth degree.

I get very tired of you and the Speccy lot dismissing the Amstrad and trying to rewrite gaming history, it had a decent enough size of the market in the UK - the major games were released on all THREE systems! You only have to look at any game advert from back then. I should bloody know because I was there. So to say "oh the CPC was just a French thing so who gives a ****" is just plain bollocks. Especially as its being written mostly people who weren't in the UK.

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And on that note, the thread is closed.
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