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Old 19 August 2005, 18:33   #1
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please suggest some old console games not available on the Amiga !

I recently 'donated' myself a GP-32 handheld for ~90 Euro. Mainly wanted it for playing my beloved C64 games wherever I am, but now I have got some interest in old consoles, too

But since I never had any console:

What are the best console games which were not available for Amiga or C64 ?

I am mainly interested in Super Nintendo, Megadrive/Genesis, Sega Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System and original Gameboy games.

So far I have tried Prince of Persia II, Splatterhouse II and some others which play quite cool !
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Megadrive & AtariST have many classics that are already available on Amiga so DrMD and Castaway should definately sort you out there. GPEngine is also top notch on the gp32 for PCEngine games, 3 I can recommend off the top of my head are Raiden, Galaga90 and Liquid Kids.

The 8-Bit consoles also run a treat but to be honest I don't bother with SNES as it doesnt run as great as the AtariST and Megadrive on the gp32.

Sorry I can't think of more games at the moment have fun.

Edit: GP32 Spain have a nice top100 list of each system actually

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Old 19 August 2005, 22:21   #3
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If you haven't played any console game you should definitely try the zelda, castlevania and metroid series for nes and snes and the sonic games for the sega consoles. These games are good to start with.
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Old 19 August 2005, 22:33   #4
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Of the top of my head:

Streets of Rage (1, 2 or 3)

Rock'n'Roll Racing
Super Metroid
Most RPGs
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Old 19 August 2005, 23:17   #5
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Try :

Super Probotector - SNES
Soleil - Mega Drive
Hellfire - Mega Drive
Firemen - SNES

... and lots more
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Old 20 August 2005, 00:45   #6
Oh noes!
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Sega Master system:
Wonderboy III, the dragons trap
Fantasy Zone 2
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Old 20 August 2005, 13:06   #7
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I liked these ones!

Alien Soldier
Dynamite Headdy
Gunstar Heroes
Mega Bomberman

Super R-Type
R-Type 3
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Old 20 August 2005, 15:12   #8
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Originally Posted by spiff
Sega Master system:
Wonderboy III, the dragons trap
Exactly this and Phantasy Star. Also Phantasy Star IV on mega drive.

+All 2d/platform sonic games
Old 20 August 2005, 19:35   #9
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wonderboy series, castlevania series, mario series, and donkey kong / zelda on GB...
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Old 20 August 2005, 20:09   #10
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Harvestmoon on SNES
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Snes has a lot of wonderful RPG's (as is already mentioned). I would really try out Zelda, Secret of Mana 2 and Chrono Trigger. You may also like Final Fantasy 5 & 6 (FF5 is supposed to be the best one. I guess I'm biassed for playing FF7 first )
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