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New user - hello and a question...

Hi all,

Ive just dusted off my old A600 from the loft and have got back into some hardcore vintage gaming!

Ive started to build up a collection of old games I used to own using ebay. What I was wondering is if I can copy .ADF files available on the net onto blank amiga 3.5" floppy disc using my pc - and whether they will work in the amiga without a special compression writing program?

I hope this isnt frowned upon!

If that wont work whats the best way to get ADF files from my pc into a readable format for my A600. There are a few title that I can find on the net but not on ebay!

Thanks in advance

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You can't write .adf files back to diskettes that will be readable on the Amiga using only a standard PC, however there are a number of ways to transfer those files to the Amiga, and once there they can in most cases be written back to disk. The basic options are to use a serial cable to link up the PC to the Amiga, and use that to transfer the files from one machine to the other. Another alternative is to use a utility such as CrossDos on the Amiga to allow it to read 720K PC formatted diskettes, and transfer the files that way.
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hehe get a CATWEASEL MK IV (PCI) ..


Read Amiga floppy disk's on a PC
Use a real Amiga keyboard on a PC
Use a real Amiga mouse/joystick on PC
Ideal for WinUAE/AmigaForever
Empty SID chip socket for realistic C64 sound emulation
Third party driver support for Linux 2.6 available

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As mentioned the Catweasel will allow you to write ADF files to disks, that can be read in a normal Amiga.

However, it would be cheaper for you to get a ethernet card, and then just mount your PCs drives on the Amiga, and transfer it that way. It does requiere that your A600 has a harddrive though, and most likely also some additional ram. Heck, you might even be able to download the files directly from the net and onto your A600.
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Is the FAQ not working?
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it's more to do with users and their eyesights and laziness levels!
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