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A1200 question.

I was talking to this guy on IRC the other day, and he claimed the A1200 as it was released, was only a prototype gone into production. The reason was that CBM wanted the A1200 out the door and on to shelves before Christmas '92. Is that right, or just another rumour?
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I don't know the specifics related to the A1200, but technically every model of computer ever sold is "a prototype gone into production". The word prototype simply means that it is a pre-production model that has been produced in very small numbers for evaluation purposes, and it may or may not be changed in various ways prior to actually going into production. So to me, if somebody tells you that any computer was "only a prototype gone into production", it is pretty much a meaningless comment.
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Ok. I suppose i didn't formulate that very well. What he did say later though , was that it's noticeable because things the IDE subsystem seemed unifinished. Not that I was all that unhappy with how it turned out, the A1200 is one of the great Amiga computers in my opinion, given it's potential for expansion to mention one thing. But one can wonder...
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Be happy that the engineers have put 2 Mb Chip in the A1200 while the plan actually was to put only 1 Mb Chip !!! Shocking, isnĀ“t it ??!
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I heard somthing in those lines too. The A1200's custom chips had some problems. But they were not corrected as they wanted to rush it out for christmas. I beleive later revisions of the board have less patch wiring but still have custom chip problems. They left it in (no money to fix it) because it was not that much of a problem....until you accelerate beyond 030's.

something like that.

the a4000 is also a design that won the day because it could be rushed out sooner (and cheaper ofcourse)
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