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Looking for a game similar to Hangar 18

Hi Folks!

I remember that I loved playing the PD game "Hangar 18" (if you don't know it: it would describe it as a mix of syndicate and walker - you controled your small character (I think it was about a man fleeing from Area 51 or so) with the joystick and aimed with the mouse. On your way you found different weapons like a uzi, a shotgun, grenades etc. Very cool was the ability to use vehicles in the outside world (although this wasn't really useful in the game).

All in all I found that game really cool, it was a bit bloody but the effects were impressive - but the biggest problem for me was, that it was just that short

My question now would be: Does anybody know games that are similar to "Hangar 18"? Maybe even modern games for the PC?
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Do you know any download link for Hangar 18? I can't find it on Aminet anymore.

Edit: Found it, they thought by spelling it "Hanger 18" it would be found easier.

Edit^2: Maybe this one is similar?

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Thanks for the tip!
I will take a look at it when I find some time.
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Prequel to Hanger 18, Syndicate style game http://aminet.net/package/game/shoot/traitor4
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Old 20 June 2008, 18:40   #5
Solid Snake
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I've just downloaded this game:


I'm having trouble running the game under WinUAE. I have extracted all archives to a single drawer called Hanger18. When I start the game all I get is a corrupt graphical screen? Anyone know the correct WinUAE settings to run this properly?
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Hi Solid Snake,

I tested it with the attached config and it seems fine. Played a bit and saw no graphical corruption. I use a plain Workbench 3.0 install together with this config. Just replace my harddrives with your one and it should work. I hope this helps
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