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Just registered & wanted to say Hi =)

Just registered and wanted to say hi to the community

Im 29 and from Norwich England and a winuae user as well as Spectaculor, Zsnes, project64 & of course MAME...
been gaming for 20 years.

Looking forward to swapping opinions etc with you all.....
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I've been gaming for 24 years now (I'm 29 too) My first machine was a Texas Instruments ti99/4a and then I went on to get an Atari 2600, Acorn Electron and in 1990 (xmas) I got my Amiga 500

The rest is history
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First system I played must have been a school BBC micro, one of those educational games "that make learning fun".

First home system I got my grubby little mits on was my beloved rubber key 48K speccy.
Moving on to 48K+, then 128K, next 128K+2 etc etc etc

I sold my 128K+2 just before xmas sometime in the late 80s in order to fund my brand spanking new A500... (Dad provided the shortfall in funds)

came with a load of games that included SOTB2, Nightbreed the movie & Days of Thunder
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If I'm honest I have owned other systems, but they were like flash in the pan stuff.. I never really got "into" them like those mentioned!!

My current retro collection isn't too bad and I'm hopefully gonna help it grow

I have a few Amigas (500's and a 1200T),. a couple electrons, a 48k speccy amd a 128k+2 speccy, plus other bits n bobs (4 playstations, 1 GBA, 2GBA SP, 2 Xbox, PC and more!!)

It has become a hobby of mine now, but my heart will always be with the Amiga
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Welcome to our community !
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Hi and welcome!
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Welcome! Is that monkey you?
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cheers m8 !
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Originally Posted by Nathcrow
been gaming for 20 years.
that sounds very hard mate, was it a scientific experiment?
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