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View Poll Results: Was your school equipped with an Amiga?
Hell yes! 14 9.52%
Wish it was... 108 73.47%
We didn't have computers back then 25 17.01%
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Old 12 May 2005, 06:19   #41
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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Us rich americans had Apple IIe's and gs' and also commodore 64's.
Do you resent it?
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Fred the Fop
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Originally Posted by Stig
Do you resent it?
Resent Apple II's and C=64's???

No, they rawked!
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Old 13 May 2005, 14:01   #43

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we had BBC b and masters, and when the school were considering upgrading, my mates took their A500s in to try and convince the school Amis where the way to go. Unfortunately they thought PCs were the future.

I suppose they were right.
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Old 13 May 2005, 16:39   #44
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Originally Posted by Turbo2Xs
We had an m16 target simulator that was basically an A2000 with some custom software. (Amiga helps me kill bad guys dead!)
How did you know they were bad guys? You were just told so soldier, right?
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We had one Amiga in primary school, mainly used for MIDI work.. My teacher was a musician.
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Old 13 May 2005, 23:56   #46
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Originally Posted by glwxxx
How did you know they were bad guys? You were just told so soldier, right?
Perhaps your speaking of current events hmmmm?
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Old 23 July 2005, 01:58   #47
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My college had some A2000s in the art department. They weren't being used seeing because they were using 68k macs and a few G3 ones. I offered to buy them but they turned my offer down :P
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Old 23 July 2005, 02:05   #48
Ray Norrish
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back in the day, we had an acorn atom, a couple of bbcs and a Research Machine - a 380Z
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Old 23 July 2005, 02:15   #49
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No, in my schol we only Sharp computers
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Old 23 July 2005, 03:08   #50
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In our class we had the Amiga running the "say" speech synthesizer, mainly because it played havoc with the teacher marking the attendance register. Apart from that it got used for playing Batman The Movie and when conditions permitted, the drawing of big cocks on the screen in Deluxe Paint. Happy days!
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Old 23 July 2005, 03:27   #51
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In primary school we had a Research Machines (RM) Nimbus a Intel 186 based PC, this was like 1985. In secondary school, there was a wide range of computers. The maths department had whole room full of RM 380Zs. BBC model Bs and Masters, plus a Acorn A3000 in the Design & Technology department. There was a single Atari ST in the music department for the obvious reason (if only Commodore weren't such cheapskates and put bloody MIDI ports on the Amiga, the ST wouldn't have been there! ) .
In the 6th form circa 1995, we were still using those bloody RM Nimbuses! (I would love to have one in the collection though...) There was a room full of new 386s, but I hardly got to use them and I wanted one after seeing the crisp graphics of Windows 3.1 on a SVGA monitor. I know... Suddenly my A1200 lost some of its magic that day...
Finally there was a 48K Spectrum in the "special needs" department... Being a C64 fan, it was quite satisfying knowing it was in that particular department.
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Old 23 July 2005, 13:24   #52
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At primairy school we had a fleet of C64's. Other school's I went to it was only PC (8088 and eventually better ones).

When the primairy schools in my region were reorganising I managed to save a couple of C64's from the trash. I sold them off or gave them away (there were just too many) I kept one nice 128DCR I saved back then. I must have it some 8 years by now.
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Old 28 July 2005, 23:51   #53
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wish it was...

we had Atari ST back at the time when i attended school

had to write a program... i wrote it on my amiga in gfa-basic 3.0 and it worked just fine... took it to school to those ataris which had gfa-basic 3.0, too and it didnt work any more

btw, they were replaced by 486DX2 66, right after i left school
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Old 29 July 2005, 00:10   #54
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I never seen an Amiga at my school back then, only various pc models but I know the younger kids who where staying longer at school had an A500 to play around with and probably more.
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Old 29 July 2005, 00:43   #55
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Our school got loads of Amstrad CPC 464 and 6128 back then

Best thing was : Most of my classmates got a C64 back then but I also got an CPC 464 at home, so I could bring games to the class and play and they couldn´t
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Old 30 July 2005, 15:10   #56
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Originally Posted by madenph
In our class we had the Amiga running the "say" speech synthesizer, mainly because it played havoc with the teacher marking the attendance register. Apart from that it got used for playing Batman The Movie and when conditions permitted, the drawing of big cocks on the screen in Deluxe Paint. Happy days!
Haha yeah man, the drawing of big cocks and running "say" to say profanities, very amusing at primary school.

At primary school we had Amigas, Just the 500 models. I used to get asked by the teacher how to this and that, (ie how to beat the spider boss at then end of insect island, level 4 on Rainbow Islands). Then I got in trouble for bringing games from home which had virus's. Shit I didn't even know what a virus was back then when I was 7.

Yep good old A500s, some of them had the extra half meg of Ram, so I had to take games from home to play them at primary school, cos I didn't get the extra 512k till hmm 92 or 93.

There was also a apple ][e.

At intermediate they had Acorns, and some amigas, but the amigas were on the way out (this was 95-96), so I went in there, stole disks, manual and some hardware (just 512k of ram, didn't grab the PARallel MIDI adapter damn it). Those disks had lots of virus's mainly the BGS9.

Then at high school 97-2001 they had Apple Macs, LC2, LC3, and 1 or 2 PPC ones, but most of them were just 030s / 040s.

Amiga for ever!!
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Old 30 July 2005, 18:49   #57
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My school started out with a few MSX/MSX2 machines which were only used for entertainment (afaik I have the King's Valley record), but later upgraded to 286 machines and I even saw a 386 machine before I left that school, which were still basically used for entertainment Played a lot of Battle Chess, Ski Or Die and Winter games on it, but when I got home I could only laugh when I booted up my Amiga and listened to the wonderful music and sound it could produce.

The next school I went to had 386 and 486 machines, and they had a lot of them. My english teacher also gave computer classes and to this day he must hate my guts (I still hate his), because I knew way more about computers than he did and I could type three times faster than him, which really made his blood boil I knew he was glad to see me graduate, but only to see me leave so he could be the king of the geeks again.

There is only one thing I liked about that teacher: he owned an Amiga 2000 and he loved it. There was only one problem: I knew more about Amiga's than he did!
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Old 01 August 2005, 07:09   #58
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heh we only had apple 2e's back in high school.. it was still fun to play the old games on them like prince of persia, but they paled in comparison to my a1200
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Old 01 August 2005, 10:32   #59
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An Amiga in school would have been a dream come true, but alas in primary school we only had usage on an old BBC Micro. Truly awful, even now I haven't fully recovered from that shocking experience.

When I was in secondary school, most of use had an Atari STfm as at that time the Amiga was way to expensive. Later, my father bough an Amiga 500+ which was a nightmare with the older software. After that the picture seems fuzzy as the rest of my memories are repressed!
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Old 01 August 2005, 10:54   #60
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Hmm we had ZX Speccy`s.. with microdrives for backup and thermal printers!!
Our computer teacher wore cloggs and his name was Mr Ecott!! hahah
we had this old thing in the corner.. no idea what it was though..
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