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Originally Posted by woodshed57
One thing Jimmijo I don't accuse every tech in this world of being incompetent , but in penny pinching companies that pay peanuts , what else do they employ besides dumb animals ?
Exactly, you can train a chimp to do this as well and does that mean the chimp is better suited for the job ?!? Well, IMO it sometimes is preferable over the sorry excuse of a technician so many companies seem to employ these days

I mean it never ceases to amaze me how many of these MCSE, A+, CNA etc.... luzers have to ask a lowly non-college degree schmuck like myself for help
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I don't know what to say... I'm stunned... how much does it cost to hire someone to kill some of those insurance and tech gyus off in your country?
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What a nightmare Woody, I'm sorry to here about what those fools have done to her, although to be honest I'm not surprised. At least they are going to pay for her to be resurrected, hope it doesn't take as long again

(By the way I've moved this thread to Retrogaming General Discussion as it is obviously of much interest to those who have valuable old machines)
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Originally Posted by woodshed57
However instrument and " ON THe ROAD " innsurance falls into two catorgries
Seems that you know what I'm talking about. My work is akin to that of a band playing, alas, when I take the most gear out of my studio, is with mu audiovisual set 8GB. I didn't know I had to insure it for the road AND during the gig at the venue!!! I will have to look deep into this, and maybe hire a roadie

Lots of our stuff we hire, but our basic stuff is not possible to hire (for example my SX-64 or a Gameboy (!?)) so in the case of 8GB we're stumped at taking most of our shit to the place. Sound System, Video Projectors, Video Mixers and the like, all get hired by the promoter on our request. But everything relying in our performance spot is our exclusive property and responsibility, and working in the club scene, it's normal for some asshole to trip on nothing and spill his drink in your notebook's keyboard.
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2nd era...
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It wasn't an A4000T was it?
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No Firthy she was /is an Eyetech towered A1200 ppc 040/175 /B-vision , 128 ram ,4 gig hd , with catweasel supplying two pc/mac/amiga floppy drives, maestro sound ,cdr/cd rw with pcmia network card .

As well as being fitted with chip coolers to all hot bits and three extra fans with custom hint sinks for the specialist ppc and B-vision boards .

Pity she never learnt to swim
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Hmm. I have a question.

How does the insurance figure it was a PC? Hopefully if you avoid teh word computer, they never make the computer=PC decision.

Whats to stop if they think they've figured it's a PC tell them it's absolutely NOT a PC. Not "it's a different type of PC that some nimrod PC engineer won't be able to fix", but it's absolutely NOT a PC. A PC fixing centre will not be able to fix something that's not a PC. Do you want me to send my telly to the PC fixing centre as well?

Hmmm. pity, suppose that's a pretty hard argument to have, but I'd be willing to give it a go!

Anyway onto your insuirance problem - I would be having a MASSIVE row with the insurers right now, and demanding a hell of a lot more than just putting your miggy back to rights!
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Having had experience with PC "technicians" before (there's a reason I build my own machines), I wouldn't let any of them touch my PC, let alone anything non-standard. My solution would be to buy a second-hand Pentium for £10, give it a bath, and send them that to fix instead. If they replace everything with new kit, so much the better. As for the Amiga, keep it at home, work out which bits are dead, and foot the bill myself.
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ActualyTin if you fully read my first monologue you will see I DID exactly that but companies like to simplify these days , to prevent the old " high street" quote scam where a repair company would give a high quote above the cost and split the difference with the customer [ or NOT as the case may have been.

By having a single assesment centre they know they are satisfiying their legal requrement of contract but also saving money.

If i had NOt taken the time to argue the amiga's special nature i would not be in the position of sending tham quotes for her parts repacement costs , instead I would have been sent an NEW Pc and my poor miggy would be in a skip [ after some sharp eye tech or inteligent member of cleaning staff had stripped her good bits and put them on e-bay]

Now you suguest i scam the Innsurer Ant512 ? tut tut sir , you are obviously the reason premiums are so high LOL

In the end fixing it yourself is where I am at the problem as allways is getting the money to do it and that is the point of this thread
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