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I have this as my secondary monitor:

There is noticable flickering whenever I scroll anything. I wouldn't use it for games.
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Originally Posted by wlcina
Dragon try Samsung 193P, this is very good model, look at specs http://product.samsung.com/cgi-bin/n...Specifications

You can rotate it 90 (you will get portret format) or 180

Important specs:

Brightness 250 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 1000:1 Viewing Angle (H/V) 178/178 Response Time (ms) 20
Yes that looks like a nice TFT.
The response time is quite large (20ms) compared to other 12-16ms.

Are you satisfied with it in 2D & 3D games?
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Its very good tft, I am not using it for games, but image is very very good. response time is real 20 ms. for hardcore gamers I recommeds number lower than 16ms (16, 12 or 8). but there is a questions - real response time is measured when when pixels is going from white -> black -> white. (there are used 3 parts of light R,G,B) some companies presents the lower response time only for one part (where is time lowest) red -> black -> red etc. and other parts can be much slower or not synchronous.

So, decision is:

If you are hardcore gamer - buy something with <16ms response (usually smaller displays has lower response time, for example you should try samsung 17" or 15")
(btw I am hardcore gamer, and I am playing on IBM T40 laptop (20ms) (also winuae), and I didnt notice any noise (or I am habitated with it) so I didnt see any problem here)

If you are playing game occassionaly, you can buy this one - he has a lot of good features/stuff

If you want to play 3d fps games - you should buy CRT.
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Old 16 March 2005, 13:26   #25
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I've read at other forums that, if I want to use the TFT for emulation it would probably be a good idea to stay away from 1280x1024 native REs LCDs, since they have an unusual aspect ratio (5:4 instead of 4:3).
In that case these EIZO TFTs I posted are not suitable for emulation since their native resolution is 1280x1024 thus being 5:4 instead of 4:3.
Is that true?
EIZO 17'' L550
I found this at a shop for 399 Euros / 534$ is this price ok?
Or this:
EIZO 17'' L551
What resolutions over 1280x1024 have 4:3 aspect ratio in TFT monitos?
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If you want the best possible emulation, you need to use a TV-out. Period. Emulators can be good on TFT, but they're better on TV-out (plus, with TV-out, you should have no problem hitting 50Hz in PAL land, of course, barring OS shittyness). I'm in NTSC land myself, and I run emulators through my TV-out at 640x480 (or 720x480 in the case of the Genesis). I also run CCS64 at 400x300, forced to 60Hz refresh, even for PAL demos/games (to rid the screen of the horrible jerkyness from trying to display 50fps on 60Hz). Best TV-out resolution for PAL Amiga emulation should be 720x576 (or 768x576, depending on your card).
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