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ST Dragon
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AMIGA only displays at 25/30HZ?...

Most shmups (and other games) runs 25/30Hz on Amiga instead of 50/60Hz as they do on all consoles, this makes them jerky and unresponsive, as shmups are about fast paced action and exact movement (I still have my A4000 standing next to my desk).
Is this true?


If so then all 16bit consoles are more powerful than AMIGA...
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Saying "most" is untrue at most. BEsides this 25/50 Hertz shit is bollocks, we talk about frames per second, okay lame consolers? Lots of games DID work on half the framerate to keep up with the pace but lots of games didn't.

Remember all that boasting about games scrolling in "a frame" or "50fps scrolling" ? 25fps games might have been atrue reality in the early days but later people got to learn how to properly make a game moving at a full frame.
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Thalion Webshrine
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The Amiga in normal operation works in single field operation. For you techies out there it means it always drives the field flag to the same value on both fields. The result is on a PAL TV that is 50fps, and in NTSC that is 60fps.

The maximum number of lines the Amiga can generate in that mode is 288 PAL, 240 NTSC.

The Amiga CAN however work in interlace mode and in that mode can only do 25fps and 30fps respectively, but the maximum number of lines in that mode are 576 and 480 respectively.


Just because the hardware can display images this fast, DOESNT mean the code can generate them this fast. Not every game could update it's screen as fast as the Amiga refresh rate. A LOT of games were coded poorly and could not finish updating the screen in time and thus the same image had to be displayed twice. Worse case this can halve the frame rate.

Most games we consider to be excellent games are 50fps on the Amiga, but they are the best of the best.

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Old 10 April 2005, 23:06   #4
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You have to remember that the Amiga a500 came out quite a bit before the sega megadrive and super famicom/nintendo.

There can be little argument that both of these dedicated consoles were capable of outperforming the a500 in the games department.

The A1200 went some way to addressing that, and was probably more or less on a par with the Sega Megadrive.

You have to remember that the Amiga was/is so much more than just a games machine.
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Oh noes!
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It has been said, that the Ultimate Shoot Em Up systems are Saturn & PCE. They’re not.
I'd say the shooter "argument" is dead there allready.. saturn has radient silvergun and dodonpatchi.. both are THE benchmark shot'em'ups in my book.

If we do stick to the 16bit era/argument.. well the 25fps /50hz "issue" is pretty much as stupid as the "snes has a slow cpu" or "megadrive can't show shit but atari colours"..
So what's left is just the one who had the best games.. and that was the X6800.. probably followed by PCE
megadrive gets saved by thundercross and gunstar..
Snes has it's r-type 3..
Amiga well.. battlesquadron and Swiv
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