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Originally Posted by fisken uno
stfu. you know you don't

I'd be happy if I could find a single ftp with ACCURATELY ripped CD32s. I recently had a look at the isos I've downloaded through the years, discovering that every other one of them were ripped badly i.e. clicks and skips in the audio tracks or messed up cue sheets. I can understand that the original CDs might have become scratched through years of use (and abuse ) but if people would take some time to either set the ripping speed down with imaging proggy of choice or simply just use EAC (God's gift to man) to rip the audio tracks accurately - then perhaps we'd have a lot of GOOD rips floating around instead of these half-shitty versions.

I guess you can tell I'm the picky guy who checks and compares CRC when ripping my albums, but hey accuracy means a lot to me. Is there ANYone else out there feeling this way?
Yup, I'm your brotha in this matter

Only using Clone Cd for rips here, soon my rips will erase the crap rips from the face of the earth, lol
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fisken uno
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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
I agree, Marco, I like Bippy too. God, I hate Fisken, tho.
You know you love me, biatch

Originally Posted by AMIGAZ
Yup, I'm your brotha in this matter

Only using Clone Cd for rips here, soon my rips will erase the crap rips from the face of the earth, lol
Sounds good However, CloneCD isn't guaranteed to give you a perfect rip just like that so make sure to check your images. Actually, I prefer to rip the data to a iso (using Isobuster, has worked well so far) and ripping the audio with EAC with the option to test and copy. Afterwards I make sure that the CRCs match but even if they do you'll still have to listen to the "critical" parts as you WILL get the same CRC if the exact error occurs at exactly the same place. This rarely happens when you're dealing with physical scratches (mastered errors caused by audio copy protections for example is a different matter) but in the end it all comes down to what sounds OK to YOUR ears

For cue sheets, make sure to check out WindowsKiller's great cue sheet generator. It has worked like a dream for me and has certainly saved me many hours of unnecessary work

Lemme know where I can find these perfect rips of yours and you'll make me a very very happy panda.

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Pipboy approved
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Originally Posted by keropi
@ Ironclaw:
Unless you have stuff to upload, u won't get an account... I asked for one on PM, and the reply was: what do you have to upload?
I explained is few words how rude was that, and after that stopped bothering...
Trading is lame, sharing is fun!
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Hey I got an original cd of 'Universe' if it isn't already floating around amongst you here?

Also some other stuff ... would be interested in any ftp's floating around.... might run one myself eventually but I take my connections down often enough that it would be more pain than gain
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I can see it now.....

CAPS for CD32.. and images only available to the chosen few!!
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