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Originally Posted by Basquemactee1 View Post
stupid question.....what is WOS?
World of Spectrum - a very large archive of ZXSpectrum games/utilities/mags etc with a wonderful search system that indexes games, magazines (ads and reviews) and books. Truly massive.

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Tx for that dunny. Had a look but (obviously) don't see any amiga stuff.....but yes, the layout is great.

Just found that on bombjack.org there have been a couple more AF's added, so I'm in the process of D/L them now.

Any other sites recommendable with D/L AF's on them?
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Originally Posted by Big-Byte View Post
My mate Mort has scanned ST/Amiga Format Issues 1-10,12 and 13 but he is missing issue 11.

Has anyone got this issue (11) that they can send him?

Once thats done I think he is going to make a start on Amiga format.

Hes away for most of next week but I when I see him after that I should be able to get the files off him and make them available to the masses.
Amiga Format is currently about 30% scanned already by someone else I believe.

Also DLH has hardly posted any magazine scans this year on Bombjack site but I believe he was moving house this year.
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Originally Posted by tin View Post
Have to be honest (dons flameproof suit) that I wasn't impressed with the zzap 64 ones. 20-odd notes for a load of scans (fair play, time consuming) written onto 5 cheapo cdrs, with zzap written on in shitty CDR pen, and a crappily cut out black and white copy of the cover, stashed into a plastic envelope? Quality control!!!???? grrrrr

that said - Iain at def guide to zzap64 uploaded the zzap ones to emule, so I presume it was officially mandated by mort? which is fair enough I suppose. Wonder if there's any others uploaded.
Don't ask me were the hell I found it (and now megaupload et all have been illegally shut down probably can no longer be downloaded) but I have a much improved issue 1 of ZZAP scanned somewhere on this 5tb of hard drive space.

It's interesting it is the packaging you are not happy with, me personally I think the quality of C+VG and ZZAP scans are very low due to way over compressed JPEGs. The resolution would have been fine if it was 5% compression but they look more like 50% compression. In the case of C+VG it isn't worth it, as you can't read the program listings (in the first 12 issues it is more or less all program listings haha). (I own them all anyway )

It is right pain in the back scanning stuff though for sure, I did a few on retromags ages ago and some on underground gamer. Now I refuse to release my 600DPI scans of the C+VG history of video games supplement because I really can't be bothered to watermark every page "not for sale on ebay by this wanker" as otherwise it will just end up being sold on ebay by dole dossers smoking roll ups
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