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Old 31 January 2005, 23:53   #1
Into the Wonderful

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How Many Amiga Users Do You Know Personally?

By this I mean, how many people do you know in real life who are Amiga fans/owners/users?

I ask because I actually dont know ANYONE who is into the Amiga, either real or emu, apart from you lot.

I have plenty of gamer mates but none of them are into retro, just the modern stuff.

Am I alone or are all Amiga users now 'scattered, divided and leaderless'?
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Old 01 February 2005, 00:19   #2
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Yeah, I know what you mean. It's just me and a close friend of mine who LOVE the Amiga and retro stuff, the rest are not into retro even 0.0001%... they dont play ANYTHING on emulators either.... all they do is play good looking PC games.

So, I only know one person in r/l who like retro stuff.
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Old 01 February 2005, 00:24   #3
Registered User

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I have a bunch of mates who are into retrogaming but none is an Amiga user.
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Old 01 February 2005, 04:50   #4
fisken uno
Commodore's biatch
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It was different back in the good old days, though. Had loads of em back then but times change and people lose interest in the good old stuff. Well, actually I installed WinUAE on my brother's computer and managed to make him a bit nostalgic when showing him Player Manager and Kick Off 2 (his favorite games back in the day).
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Old 01 February 2005, 06:12   #5
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Loads. There's still a working user group in Finland.
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Old 01 February 2005, 06:41   #6
Into the Wonderful
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Zip. Sadly.
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Old 01 February 2005, 10:41   #7
Mr Creosote
Evil Mastermind
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Until about half a year ago, there were two. Until about a month ago, there was one. Both have sold their Amiga equipment now, though
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Old 01 February 2005, 11:22   #8
Junior Member
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I know 2 persons but they rarely use their A500s.
They prefer using their monster Ghz>67 RAM> 34 GB P4..
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Old 01 February 2005, 12:22   #9
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Don't know any people in my neigherboud either so I'm all alone at the moment with my amiga's
Well I paid a visit to the guys at SUA (swedish amiga user group) here in Stockholm once so I've met some amiga freaks but I can't count them as my "friends"
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Old 01 February 2005, 13:20   #10
Workbitch 1.3

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
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1 friend has and uses Amigas of all sorts but doesnt post on any Amiga forums.

I have met one member from this forum in person.

All the others sold of their hardware ages ago.
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Old 01 February 2005, 15:25   #11
Registered User
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Location: Frankfurt / Germany
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On Amiga I got none, used to play sensi for years with an old school mate - this dude always motherf****n´ beat me while we were makin´ bad jokes about our moms. Concerning Gameplay we were quite equal, but he was better in trash-talk so he used to be the winner..

Sad but true he had a nervous breakdown 2 years ago and therefor cannot play "stressy" games like s.w.o.s. anymore because this really makes him feel dizzy.

This was my last "real" amiga mate but the good thing is that he let me "take care" of his old a1200 ...oh and his cousin´s as well (a former dynablaster fanatic)...

however, in my dining room there stands a big wooden table with a c64 and an a1200 in the corner - whenever friends and me chill at my place before going out at night i try to get them hooked on retrogaming and most of the time we end up playing c64 classics, like the epyx multi-events, 10th frame, skate or die etc. - got one friend hooked on dynablaster and north and south, but none still owns his amiga.

the only really crazy retro person i know is a guy called bugjam, a graphician in a c64 demo group called "move" (if i remember right??!) - he has a huuuuge c64 collection, so big that he really wants to build a little museum in the back of his house. he has a hd connected to his c64 and even goes to the internet with it. Big up to him for keeping my hardware working!
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Old 01 February 2005, 16:04   #12
The Ancient One
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Location: Kansas City/USA
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I don't know any other people who use the actual hardware anymore, other than the folks here ... and I'm not 100% sure about you guys.

I still use my A1000 and A2000, and have my A500 packed away.
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Old 01 February 2005, 17:11   #13
Junior Member

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Location: Norway
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If it's personally, then just one. One of my friends, he has an A600HD which he uses for nostalgia gaming now and then.

There's this other guy, who I know through IRC, and speak to regulary, he's a Pegasos user. But I've never met him in person tho.
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Old 01 February 2005, 17:14   #14
Registered User
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I know one chap offline, but we have never met in person. We've gone through snailmail, via radio, and (of course) via email. It's the closest thing I will get to a flesh-and-blood friend who will appreciate my hobby. I have met a number of people who use old computers offline, mostly Mac stuff though. Nothing that really took off though.
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Old 01 February 2005, 20:58   #15
R3tr0 G4m3r
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Location: Lisbon - Portugal
Age: 38
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Back in the old days, i used to have tons of friends into AMiGA... All gone now... to the dark side of PCorce
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Old 01 February 2005, 21:15   #16
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Loads of´em

there are several meetings of amiga groups and freaks here in germany
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Old 08 February 2005, 19:32   #17
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Riverside, Ca
Age: 57
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I have several friends that are Amiga fans. Most don't have their original equiptment anymore (I still do....and I am always looking for more!) Bad thing is that most of the available for sale equiptment is overseas, and won't work here in the states.
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Old 08 February 2005, 19:44   #18
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Old 08 February 2005, 20:09   #19
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apart from my local dealer at www.amiga.ca in montreal, QC, Canada(downtown amiga), no one ... anyone interested in montreal ? my main concern is that as i am french, my whole config is PAL, so i have to pay extra costs to get PAL hardware from europe.
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Old 08 February 2005, 21:21   #20
Fred the Fop
flaming faggot
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In 5 years there will be fewer Amiga (or Atari ST, C=64, SNES, etc) users than now, logically.
Hail to emulation, which, 5 years from now, should be so refined that most of us won't miss the hardware.
I don't now.
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