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I'm not coding anything now anyway.. but I can't use something else as a dummy. I need to do pixel perfect hit testing and stuff... so I need the exact shapes and stuff of the different monsters etc..... so.... it's really necessary I have the gfx.... but at the moment.. not coding... fiddling with my new webpage.
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I'd advise using an Action Replay cartridge or similar device to grab a screenshot, then you will know the palette...
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Originally Posted by Codetapper
I've helped a few people out by ripping gfx from games for projects they were doing - and then heard nothing and found the gfx were never used. So I don't really offer help anymore, too many vapourware projects killed off my community spirit...
Ironclaw's game isn't vapourware, check out what he's released so far. It's great! The graphics are definitely being used.
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