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Amiga 1200 Workbench setup recommendations

Hello to everyone,

It has been a while since I used my Amiga 1200 (over 5 years). I recently decided to upgrade my amiga and purchased 3.1 Roms, 2Gig 2.5" Hard Drive, Blizzard 1230-III with 32Mb and appropriate network card from ebay.

Now I'm it total confusion about which Workbench should I go with, which system utilities, web browser, networking software, Icon modding, text editor etc.. I will use it mainly for gaming, and would like to be able to access PC drives and Internet through networking. Thanks for all suggestions.

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If your thining of using it for the internet, networking etc. I'd suggest o.s. 3.9 but you'd need a cd-rom drive because its on cd. With o.s. 3.9 comes the ip stack, internet software, and email software. If you don't fancy that you could always get workbench 3.1 which is good, but doesn't have any of the great features available in os 3.9. If you do go with workbench I would recommend downloading miami dx as a ip stack, aweb as a web browser u can download the full version free, also YAM (yet another emailer) as your email programs. If you want to use a good communicator that can connect to msn messenger, yahoo etc, I'd recommend jabberwocky though it takes a bit of setting up its the best one around for the amiga.

I have not yet successfully networked my amiga to pc so I cannot recommend the best networking software. Hope this helps!
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