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Smile A1000 phoenix board - the revival


in germany on www.amiga-news.de I have collected about 30 orders

The boards are new, the price for shipping and tax to germany is
about 205 euro! I know, it is not cheap

It will take 2-3 weeks until the first boards will arrive in germany.

Why I am writing this? I want to know how high the interest is for
this board in england? Maybe it will be possible to produce some
more boards...

Some comments would be nice...

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what is this board? good old a1000? give some details...
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please take a look on http://www.amiga-hardware.com ...

here is the advertisement from 1991:


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yeah, I remember now! we are talking about serious hardware here! I do not believe anything similar existed for another system...
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Workbitch 1.3

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Where are they being ordered from? werent the original boards made in Australia or something?

Sorry can't read German.
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This is GREAT hardware but the commonly used and fastest dying motherboard must be the A1200 today. It would make more sense to produce boards that are at least psyhically like A1200 boards if it isn't possible to design and produce 100% 1200 compatible ones.
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My A1000 would probably love a board like this, but then it wouldn't really be an A1000 anymore. If I had a working spare A1000 though, it would be awfully tempting to install one in it.
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